5 Renovations That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Home renovations have become increasingly popular over the years, especially as owners look for ways to increase property value. So finding the right renovation for you shouldn’t be as difficult as you initially thought, especially when you’ve got professional companies like fbuilding who can help you out.
Despite troubling economic times, the home improvement market has been steadily growing, and it’s not just about resale value. Many home owners hope to improve the overall quality of their home for their own comfort and convenience.

But if you’re nervous about doing anything major, consider the following projects that are cost effective and relatively easy to do. If you’re not sure what sort of remodelling you’d like doing to your home, check out https://refinedexteriors.com to learn about your different options.

Replace Your Windows

It might be time to start thinking about replacing your windows to greatly improve the look and energy-efficiency of your home. A worn-down and rotting window is often beyond repair, no matter what kind of tips and tricks you use to improve its quality. Although it can be costly, it can also up the price of your home if you have the most current designs. Using reliable companies such as Graceland Windows and Doors is important as you know you’ll be left with a sound job. Good windows makes your house more attractive. Improper installation of new windows will not provide the energy and cost-efficient savings that you are looking for. That’s why it’s important to hire a professionally trained, licensed, and insured window installer.

Minor Bathroom Remodelling

A new, well-designed bathroom is one of the first things that new home owners look for while house shopping. There’s something about a bathroom space that is well thought-out, accessible, and beautiful to look at.

Some tips to do an affordable bathroom remodelling include:

  • Pre-plan with your contractor or a designer
  • Use existing piping
  • Replace your old toilet. This may sound easy, but even with something as simple as replacing a toilet and choosing the right one, there are people out there who may find this a little challenging. Not to worry though because with sites like ToiletReviewer.com, you may not find that this is as difficult as you first thought.
  • Use open-shelving to give the illusion of more space
  • Use lighting effectively to brighten up the space

Minor Kitchen Remodelling

Everyone dreams of a new kitchen with marble counters, new cupboards, appliances, and lighting. Islands are in high-demand as well for their usefulness and general aesthetic. It’s an easy and accessible place to prep meals, store items, and eat a quick breakfast before starting your day.

Here are some ideas to keep the costs of kitchen remodelling down:

Just like your bathroom, it’s less costly to use existing plumbing
Avoid using custom designs for your cabinets, countertops, and appliances – they are more expensive than using the stock models
Repaint to add some life to the space


The front garden is the first thing you or a potential buyer will see before entering your home. While it’s nice to have a beautiful inside décor, there’s also a love of value in upping your curb appeal.
There are a number of helpful and informative websites that can give you a range of ways to do some affordable landscaping. Some tasks may require you to get a company like Growing Solutions to help you finish while others are simple enough to do in a few hours! Here are a few of the most valuable takeaways:

  • Reduce lawn size by allowing/creating diversity (i.e., clover patches)
  • Create flower-beds with low-maintenance plants
  • Plant local trees and shrubs that will survive any season
  • Add a border to your flower-beds to create a clean look

Add a Porch

Skeptical about how much of a difference a porch addition can make to your home? Check out these before-and-after photos and see the amazing transformation of these homes after the remodelling or addition of a porch.
Bring the front of your house to life and add value by creating a comfortable space to sit, relax, and enjoy the view. Add hanging plants with colourful flowers to bring the look together.

These affordable remodelling options will bring up the value of your home as well as increase its comfort and style points. While this last point didn’t make our official list, upgrading the BBQ setup at your home can be a huge plus, to the right person. Other cooking appliances like REC TEC Grills or Weber grills (both companies offer great products) can be the icing on the cake to the right buyer.

Do what you can to make your home exciting for perspective buyers and you can help increase the value of your home!