2019 Diamond Wedding Band Trends: The Biggest Wedding Band Trends for This Year

A wedding is an important moment in the life of any woman, and the ring is one of the main things women are thinking about before the event. Whereas the ring is meant to be symbolic, the overall aspect of the band is also important, because you want something that looks nice. Some prefer something more practical like custom silicone rings but traditional jewels are still the most popular kind of wedding ring.

Are you aware of the band trends that are going around in 2019? In case you’re not and you’re curious about diamond wedding bands, here are the biggest trends for this year:


Unless you’re really into the traditional look of the wedding rings, you could consider adding more color to the band. Nowadays, a lot of colors are popping up on the band, from colored metals to colored stones, and each give the ring a unique look. If you really want to go with something unique, this is amazing, because you get to customize your own ring for your own special event. This way, you can choose colors that you like or mean something to you, as well as choose stones with special meanings and more.

Unique Shapes

So far, you’ve probably seen a lot of engagement rings with oval stones, and while you were maybe expecting to get one yourself, you can opt for a different design. It is possible to opt for a half moon diamond, for example. Not only it looks stunning, but it’s also a design that’s inspired by the sun, so it’s not meaningless either.

Intertwined Bands

The usual design of the ring band is sliding up next to the engagement ring while doesn’t forming a single piece. However, this design might be the normal one, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for it, especially nowadays, when you have way more options regarding rings.

In 2019, you can opt for intertwined bands, as more and more designers have started to interlock the wedding band and the engagement ring to form one single piece. Why not consider it?

Nature Motifs Engagement Rings

If you love nature, then this ring design could work amazingly for you. Basically, you can choose engagement rings that feature vines, leaves, or even diamonds arranged in a flower pattern. That being said, you love your significant other, as well as nature, so why not combine this love to create something unique? 2019 has these designs fashionable.


Engravings are nothing new, but people have tried a different approach to them nowadays. Some don’t go for the trivial date or initials on the rings, but rather opt for unique quotes, images or other things that show who they are as a couple. You could do this as well, and end up with something unique that nobody else has.

Final Thoughts

Considering the value a wedding holds, it’s only normal that you want to settle for a ring that is special and unique. Moreover, it’s nothing out of the ordinary to want something that’s in trend. Hopefully, you are now aware what the trends are in terms of wedding bands for 2019.