Best Places to Move to in Florida

If you made the decision to move to Florida, I support you all the way. The Sunshine state is a fantastic place to live in. The cultures are diverse, and food is great, and you can enjoy a lot of sun during the whole year. However, deciding which city to pick as your destination is not that easy. With so many options on the plate, you must choose carefully. With that in mind, I bring you the best places to move to in Florida for the year 2019/2020!

Florida is one of the top 8 states to invest in property in the US. A strong economy will improve your lifestyle, and that’s all that really matters.

Key Biscayne

The first city I want to talk to you about is Key Biscayne. It is by far one of the best places you can move to in Florida. The unemployment rate is below 4%, and the average household income of the residents is way above the state’s average.

Caption: Relocating to Key Biscayne is a promising move for all people with families
Alt: Sunset in Key Biscayne

Lighthouse point

Another great city to consider when moving to Florida is the Lighthouse point. Population density is a bit lower than usual, and that can be quite refreshing for anyone who doesn’t like crowded cities. However, the commute is long, and that often turns away people.

Nevertheless, the city is just beautiful. The focal point of the city is the Volunteer Fire Department, that provides exceptional service.

Palm Beach

With the lowest unemployment rate in Florida, which is around 2,3%, Palm Beach is most definitely one of the most desirable places to live. Your kids can receive superb education, and the household income is 4th in the state.

Furthermore, Palm Beach is the fastest growing city in Florida, so consider it if you are looking to start a business.

River Ranch 

If you’re looking for something that offers a great quality of life, River Ranch is the place to be. With a small population and good house prices, tranquil streets, and plenty of outdoor joys to be had, moving here is the dream for many. If you aren’t sure, why not see it for yourself by booking a vacation and staying on a dude ranch for the full experience of what this place has to offer?


Tallahassee is a great place to move to. It is a family-friendly town, with affordable housing and amazing options for your professionals working on their career. If you move to Tallahassee, you will become a part of a progressive community. Furthermore, not to mention that the food is just to die for!

Caption: Everyone moves to Miami because of the fine weather, silky beaches, and the palm trees
Alt: A walkway in Miami, surrounded with palm trees


Why move to Naples? The answer is quite simple. The crime rate is low, and that makes Naples a safe city for your kids. Furthermore, the entire community is concentrated towards improving the city and making it a better place for living. Besides the fact that it’s a beautiful place to form a family, Naples takes you in as one of their own. You will soon feel like a local, and you will love it!

Coral Gables

If you wish to become a part of a warm neighborhood, Coral Gables is for you. With a low crime rate, a splendid education system and short commute time, it offers everything you need. Real estate prices may be a bit higher, but so is the annual income. One of its strong features is small, cozy Spanish-type homes on the Westside.

On the other hand, Eastside is where you will find the bay and waterfront area, and have a chance to buy more luxurious homes, if your budget allows it.

Lake Worth

If you are planning to move to Lake Worth, consider buying a car if you don’t already have one. The commute is about 20 minutes, and most of the population owns a car. It is a highly cultural city, with a developed LGBT community. Furthermore, there are plenty of interesting and cultural events you can participate in. It is also good to mention that Lake Worth offers great storage options, which is useful information for everyone wanting to relocate there.


Parkland is a real family-oriented town. Just by driving in the neighborhood you can see families and couples walking the street, friends playing golf or tennis. Many people think that it could be a bit more diverse, but it is an overall great place to raise small children. The commute is quite fast, and schools have great reviews.

Caption: Miami is also perfect for young couples looking for a romantic place to live
Alt: A purple, romantic sky over Miami, with palm trees in the front


Tequesta is a beautiful suburb of Palm Beach. It is full of beaches and rivers, and it has a likable community. Whether you are into golf, hiking, cycling, or simply enjoying your day while eating in a good restaurant, you will soon discover what a wonderful place this is. One advice is to avoid buying a place close to the train station or the post office if you have small children, or if you want a quiet place.

It can get quite noisy during the night hours, so have that in mind when choosing your neighborhood area.

Marco Island

This gorgeous, beautiful island, full of silky beaches and fine restaurants, is a true haven for all families. Whether you are looking for a place to raise your family or to retire, you should definitely consider Marco Island. There is no noise, no crime, and the entire community is sport-oriented. You’ll find plenty of people just working out outside, and it can get you worked up so you might even get back to shape.

Caption: Marco Island is a fantastic place to move to for your retirement
Alt: An old couple sitting on a bench on the bay in Marco Island

Don’t wait any longer!

I hope that you found something among these lines that awoke your interest in this amazing state. You shouldn’t wait too long, start preparing for the relocation! Get some online tips on moving home, start looking for a good moving company, and start getting ready for the change in your life!

Best places to move to in Florida are right here for the taking!