Award Winning Nissan Leaf on Finance: Why The British & Americans Love it

In a number of recent articles, we have shone the spotlight on electric cars, their pros and cons, and why they have risen in popularity. In particular, though, one electric vehicle that has proven to be a winner with motorists is the Nissan LEAF, which is a very modern car provided by one of the most well-renowned manufacturers in the game. The Nissan Leaf has especially been a hit here in the United Kingdom. However, in the US that was not the case, but since Nissan (Japanese automaker) started producing the new generation Leaf in the US, sales are slowly going back to normal levels. In this article, we will examine the main reasons why.

Environmental friendly

First of all, we have to mention the obvious: the fact that the Nissan Leaf is electrically-powered, meaning that it can be charged at home conveniently without the need for petrol or diesel fuel. This also ensures that the Leaf is not emitting any pollution to the environment, which makes the driving experience itself a healthy one. And because it possesses modern electrical features that many other leading ranges do not, the Leaf can be deemed an innovator in its field, and a shining light for Nissan to promote when discussing why their cars are top of the range.

Good value for money

As much as people enjoy making a positive difference on their surroundings, though, they are even happier when they are able to save money. Talking of saving money, Nissan LEAF even on car finance is cheaper than the Tesla and Chevy bolt EV. As much as people love the environment, people like to enjoy their cars like kids love playing with toys and the battery pack upgrade in the 2019 version and enhanced motor power go well with car lovers. Even with changes, the cost remains low. And because of the minimal running costs based on its electrical operational system, the Nissan Leaf is one of the cheaper major vehicles available across any manufacturer, as well as being low-cost when it comes to insuring the car and maintaining it on a regular basis. Of course, the Leaf’s main selling points are its environmentally-friendly functionality, but it certainly doesn’t harm its reputation that it is quite cheap to buy and manage. Similar to to how businesses are moving away from plastic materials to paper based products, the car industry is undergoing a revolutions which will go a long way to restore the balance the environment needs.

Driving experience

And then there is the travelling experience: fast charges, smooth driving, tools that are easy to handle and quick to master, along with minimal noise emitting from the LEAF itself. These are just some of the positive points of the Nissan LEAF that don’t just make it a green car and a cheap car, but also a very pleasant, safe and enjoyable car to either drive or be a passenger in. Instead of a gas-guzzling monster of a vehicle which shoots black fumes into the air while making a real din, the Nissan Leaf is soft, silent and soothing. It is the most relaxing vehicle you will find on a major scale, and that combined with its environmentally-friendly points and its low costs helps to make this a big hit with British drivers, and one which has a very bright future ahead (it was only launched back in 2010, so it is still fairly new to the scene).

In summary, Nissan LEAF offer powerful performance, great energy efficiency, zero emissions and a one-pedal driving experience which is a great feature that allows for people with various abilities to be able to use it without stress and as such promoting their independence also is best for the environment.

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