3 Ways to Use Cabinets to Make Optimum Use of Space in Small Homes

Cabinets are useful but did you know that you could add an entirely new look to your house with innovative cabinet designs? Cabinets can be of many types and they can be used for a variety of purposes and every room has something or the other to store. And this would be all the more needful for small homes as the home owners have to be very smart about space saving. Interesting cabinets can add to the functionality and the decorative aspects of the house and here are some interesting ideas about how to do it. You can either use your imagination about space saving or you might also bring in an interior designer to do it for you.

  • Built- in Cabinets: The surest way to save space is to install built-in cabinets. Make them as deep as possible as the walls in the room would allow. However, if you have a small home, you also have to be sure about that the fact that they are not placed in a position where any outsider can have a look inside if you open it. The positioning of these cabinets is important because unlike other cupboards, you will not be able to move them around and rearrange them.
  • Using Cabinets as Shelves: Again, you can order slightly lower cabinets where the tops can serve as tables and shelves. So your television can sit at the top whereas it has cabinets at the bottom. The same can be done in the kitchen where the oven can be made to sit on an especially cabinet top, laminated to prevent it from heat and the cabinets at the bottom can be used to store other kitchen essentials. Some cabinets have tabletops built into them which can be drawn out and pushed back in as and when required.

  • Loft Cabinets: You can do the same with some extra space in the loft. Lofts are often neglected but when use intelligently, then can surprise you with the storage space they offer. You can have built-in cabinets in the loft so that they can be used for storing woolen clothes and other articles which are not generally used throughout the year and have to be brought out only at specific times. Make them interesting by adding bright colors and by using different wood grains. Or you can also have sleek steel and metal finishing giving it a more contemporary feel. Other options include fiber and plastic. However, make sure that these cabinets are made from termite- proof material as lofts are not opened or used as frequently as other furniture at the ground level.

The good things is that there are now so many different cabinets available in the market of various shapes, sizes and colors and made from different materials that you have a vast range to choose from which suits your budget, your sensibility and the overall décor you envision for your interior designs. So give your home an entirely new look with fashionable cabinets.