Buy Genuine European Car Parts Australia

Ownership of a car has been increasing over the past many years and the market is showing great growth. A number of segments like compact SUV, premium hatchback, compact Sedan, etc are witnessing the arrival of new competitors and buyers. With car sales so high, customers need spare parts also and every customer does not go to authorized service centers once the warranty of their vehicle is over. So people search for spare parts at the aftermarket stores or online. Tooley Imports are the popular dealers of genuine European car parts Australia.

It is a gamble because a number of stores sell fake parts for lower prices, and these are not only inferior in quality but don’t perform optimally. So if you are wanting to purchase spare parts separately,  a list of things is to be kept in mind to ensure that you get genuine car parts always.

 1.Check What You Need – Firstly you have to see what parts you require and in what quantity. You have to be clear with this so that you don’t buy a part that you don’t require or miss out on a part that you really need. Suppose you want to replace the condenser of the AC of your car, then check what are the supporting parts required for the installation of the condenser and then order the parts accordingly. It will be good for you if you write down the list of parts that you require.

 2.Research – Always do the base work properly. Once you know what parts are required, start researching the parts to find out whether other brand alternatives are there or not, whether purchasing online is cheaper than offline, the price difference, etc. You may talk to the authorized Service Station with Google spare parts distributors to see if they have what you require. Compare the costs of different brands and find out that the part is totally compatible with your car.

3.OEM Part Numbers – You can know the part number of any spare by calling the authorized Service Station. Few manufacturers have their catalogs of spare parts, so it is easy to locate part numbers for every aspect. You can check out the website where you just need to enter the car model, variant, and year and you get a list of all the genuine parts and accessories which are compatible with your car.

4.Shortlist Parts – Some websites give the option to get alternate spare parts of the same type from other brands. If you want brake pads for the car, you can look at the offerings from various reputed brands for your car. You can compare the prices and purchase the one which suits your needs.

5.Check Payment And Shipping Options – Once you have added the required parts to your cart, check what methods of payment are accepted and choose the method which you feel is compatible. You will get a clear idea of the charges for shipping and delivery timeline on sites. You can plan out better and set up an appointment with the mechanic to get the parts fitted without any hassle.


It is necessary to take good care of your car servicing a timely and using genuine spare parts. Genuine parts give excellent performance and reliability, producing no chances of breakdowns in the car. If you save by using counterfeit spare parts, it becomes expensive in the long run because they lead to more wear and tear. You don’t last much and can cause trouble, which leads you to put huge repair bills. Keeping these points in mind you will be set for getting good quality and annual spare parts for your car and give it the love it should get so that it rewards you with excellent reliability and memorable drives.