Here’s Why Saliva Hormone Testing Should Be Much More Popular Than It Is?

Whenever we visit a doctor and he asks us to get a diagnostic report, our first thought and choice is the classic blood test. The syringe tests are so popular for ages that people are not even aware of other testing procedures and how they might even be better than Blood tests. This is why most people are not even aware of Saliva Hormone Testing checks. To measure the hormonal levels of a person, such as the estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol, a Saliva test at Healthy Remedies like centers is much better and accurate than Blood tests. Here are some reasons why you should reconsider your choice the next time you are asked for a diagnostic report.

Easier Than Blood Tests:

Saliva Hormone testing completely dismisses the fear and pain that a blood test carries. It is much simpler and easier for the patient as it involves the collection of the saliva of the patient, which is naturally easier to get. Anyone who has a fear of needles can also get saliva testing done easily. With no sort of fear and pain involved, the patients are much more relaxed before the test and even during the test.

Higher Accuracy:

Saliva tests will measure the amount of free, unbound hormones that will act on a specific target tissue, and these measurements are not accessible with blood testing. Saliva contains unbound, bioavailable hormones which are certainly a better representation of levels of free hormones 1 that are circulating in the body and are responsible for symptoms related to excessive or deficient hormone levels. Whereas in blood tests, you get a representation of protein-bound hormones only as the bloodstreams carry 95-99% of these only.

Advancing Technology Has Opened More Gates:

To get accurate results, saliva testing must be done very carefully however, with today’s technology, some devices have made this testing so easier that the patients themselves can collect their samples at any given time they wish to and check for the difference in hormonal levels. Saliva tests open many other options related to hormonal balance and imbalance. Women with fertility problems, who are unable to reproduce can get various sex hormones checked much easily. Constant studies and tests are being done to make this testing procedure more and more accurate while maintaining its easy process.


When the Saliva testing was newly introduced, it did not give the best results because it wasn’t done rightly. It took years for people to figure out how to get the best results out of saliva testing. These years made Saliva testing unpopular and since then it might have come a long way, but it should be much more popular than it already is.

Higher accuracy, simpler and needle-free testing has created a new wave for Saliva Hormone Testing and people have started recommending it more often now. With the technology in hand, today the patients and the clinicians can make the best out of this procedure if done rightly.

It is completely your choice and you should surely consult your regular doctor/physician about this as well.