Can Yoga and Meditation Fix the College Mental Health Crisis?

College is an exciting and growing part of student’s life where they learn various skills and enhance their knowledge. But unfortunately, colleges these days put too much pressure on the students. Meeting projects deadline, improving grades and a competitive environment curb the creativity in the students. However, thanks to the internet that much of the college’s work is completed because of its help. You can take help from essay mill in writing assignments and in your projects by various online platforms. These platforms will guide and help you to achieve your desired goal. 

But the problem is still not solved yet, according to a newspaper and journal report of 2017-2020, students of the college were most stressed and diagnose with health issues. The only natural solution to avoid such a situation is to practice yoga and meditate regularly.

“A 15-minute yoga will relieve your mind from stress”

Some colleges offer yoga programs and teach to both students and teachers. These yoga practices are aimed to describe how to do yoga without damaging your body, breathing practices, and improve socializing. Students struggle with mental issues in which depression and anxiety is the most common one. Teaching them how to socialize will build confidence in them to interact with people in a better way. Meditating is also a practice that increases the focus and concentration of the students. 

Many programs offer yoga practice coupled with meditation tips. Most college students either don’t have time for this or consider it as a joke and useless. Yoga does help in battling mental issues and fixes your health mentally and physically. 

How does yoga affect the brain?

You may have seen posters of yoga describing several benefits of it, but the question is how does it help in correcting mental health issues? Yoga is a mindful exercise that will help your mind to become relax and stretch your muscle. It has positive effects on the brain and the body together. There are several benefits of yoga such as:

  • Improve breathing and digestion process.
  • Improve your body posture.
  • It alleviates stress.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Aid in focusing on work.

As you have seen the benefits, scientifically speaking how does it affect our brain? A study published in a journal showed that there is a chemical release in the body while doing yoga. This chemical is called GABA, which is linked to happiness. The lower levels of it indicate stress and anxiety but yoga increases its level up to 30% which lessens the symptoms of depression and stress.

College life is not about studying all time, but to inculcate a healthy habit that promotes your mental and physical health. Students may book a session of yoga in their college or hire a private tutor for the classes. You can even take online free yoga classes or have to pay a subscription fee in any case. This training will improve your mood swings and reduces the crisis of health issue, moreover, try to focus on yourself instead of being a workaholic.