Top 5 Gifts for the Fitness Warriors in Your Life

For the people in your life who love to work out, there are many fitness items on the market to cater to their needs. The only issue is, which ones are the best? You know your loved one loves to exercise, but there are many different types of products designed specifically for a huge variety of physical activities. You don’t want to get caught out and buy them a less than worthy gift. Here are a few great gift ideas that will delight the fitness warriors in your life.

GPS Running Watch

One of the best things about running is that you can do it almost anywhere. There is a certain freedom and simplicity about running that makes it an addictive sport. However, gifting a runner can be a little difficult. When it comes to clothing and accessories, you need to consider the weather they run in and the terrain. One of the best gifts for runners is a GPS running watch. A high-quality watch can be worn in all conditions, and it will track their stats as they go. A sports watch can elevate a runner’s technique by recording their average time, pace, and mileage.

Suspension Trainer Kit

Suspension training systems are brilliant for all-around fitness. They basically work by using straps to suspend the body and then using bodyweight as resistance. In fact, research shows that performing exercises, such as push-ups, with a suspension strap training system is almost 200 percent more effective than doing a traditional push-up without. This strength-training device can offer the user a full-body workout without the use of bulky gym equipment and is ideal for fitness fanatics who train in small spaces.

Jump Rope

In recent years this playground activity has turned into a trendy exercise. It is a fun way to exercise, and you can jump rope almost anywhere. So if your loved one is looking for an accessible way to fit in some cardio, a jump rope is a suitable gift. Jumping rope is an efficient cardiovascular activity that can build strength and improve balance. It can also have a positive effect on bone density.

Personal Blender

If your friend loves to get fit, they are probably quite conscious of their diet too. Fitness and healthy eating go hand in hand, so why not help your loved one eat right by gifting them a personal blender. Personal blenders are designed to whip up delicious smoothies quickly and conveniently. Combine this gift with a smoothie recipe book for inspiration.

Fitness App Membership

Fitness apps, such as Aaptiv can help people achieve their goals and improve their fitness levels. They provide subscribers with unlimited access to workouts and programs from certified trainers. The exercises can be customized to personal goals, and they can be accessed anywhere. Gifting a fitness app subscription can save your loved one from forking out an extortionate amount of money on personal training sessions at the gym.