Can You Hang Artwork Without a Frame & How to do it?

The most important part of home décor is to amp up blank walls. It is one of the simplest ways to make your space feel cozy and lively. Moreover, you can insert some style and personality by adding wall art on vertical areas.

However, framing the art pieces can be a daunting task and will affect your wallet badly.  In addition, it is very time-consuming. So, it would be beneficial to avoid frames.

It will make the walls of your home free from too many holes and allow you to switch artwork easily. Luckily, below are some ways to hang art pieces without a frame:

Use Bookshelves

Generally, people use bookshelves to keep their books organized and avoid clutter. But it is high time to use them in some unique way. For example, you can use them to display art pieces.

Curate canvas prints carefully and display them on empty shelves in groups. Instead of stuffy old unused books that you haven’t touched for years, make proper use of the bookshelf.

On these shelves, you can display art pieces inspired by the beach, landscape, wildlife, city, cultures, etc. You can also put your favorite pictures on them. It will make your space look a bit quirky but stylish.

Washi Tape 

Washi tape is an excellent material for art and craft, first made in Japan. It comes in different colors or patterns. You can use this tape to make makeshift frames. Moreover, it will allow you to create a fantastic gallery effect.

In addition, it will keep the edges of your artwork from getting destroyed. You can also bring some fun and class by using colorful tapes. So, leave frames and nails, just use washi tape to display art pieces in their desired places.

It is the best option for people who live on rent because they can easily remove it without leaving any mark on the walls. In addition, Washi tape can help them make their space look lively with photos and prints.

Use Hangers

Make a wooden frame and hang art pieces like skirts or pants on it by using hangers. It is an excellent scheme to hold the prints steady and make a décor look stylish.

All you need is a few nails, hooks on the wall, or hangers. Then, swapping wall art on it is super simple and easy. Just take the hanger off and add new artwork. You can also hang prints on the molding.

This décor style looks very cute for displaying pre-wedding photos during the wedding ceremony. However, you can add some variations in their layout as per your liking.

Hang the Pegboard

This  is the best choice for those who frequently change their décor items or art pieces. You can use the pegboard as an accent wall. Moreover, hang whatever you like on it.

Moreover, adding art pieces to your living space, bedroom, home office, kitchen, or bathroom is fun. You can enjoy styling up the interiors at less cost.


The unique yet quirky way to display art pieces is to attach a clipboard to the wall. You do not need to get pictures framed. Instead, you can add them directly on the clipboards.

In addition, you can swap the artwork or photos easily and quickly. It is a great technique to reinvent the space and make a style statement.

Multi-Tier Art Display

Most of you have an old and bit unstable wooden ladder at your store or garage. Please do not throw them or waste them sitting idle. Instead, use them to have a multi-tier art display.

Lean a ladder against a blank wall and tie a sleek rope across each step. It will help you to display prints or photos. Use cloth pins and hang each art piece with the help of them on the rope.

You can change them easily whenever you need. For variation, hang colored and uncolored pictures alternatively or on different steps.

Lighting Strings

Use some funky and stylish photo display. Add string lights on the walls and hang prints or pictures on them with binder clips. It is a whimsical way to showcase art pieces and gives your space a relaxed look.

You can create a bohemian vibe by implementing this method correctly. It is very unique and beautiful way to add pictures and make a style statement. Moreover, lights will create an extra impact on interiors and highlight the photos beautifully.

Double Tapes

Double tapes can do wonders by keeping wall art pieces in the proper place. Paste a double tape on the wall and stick your artwork on it. It is the easiest and quickest way to display prints.

You can use them on the staircase and make interiors look incredible. You just have to do pain touch when you take it off.


Hopefully, the ideas mentioned above will allow you to make your interiors look stylish. Moreover, all these ways are pretty affordable and accessible. Happy decorating!