Christmas Decor Ideas for Every Room, on a Budget!

Where I come from, we didn’t have many accessories around the house in December, but one little handmade piece has been in my memory since I can remember. My grandfather crafted a little decorative house using thick cardboard, a bit of cotton “snow,” and small Christmas tree lights.

You don’t need much to make the festive season extraordinary. A cute idea and excellent execution replace expensive decorations. The intention is to create a cozy atmosphere, where every family member will feel at home. That’s what my little fairy house symbolizes.

Now that I’m older, decorating for Christmas holds a special place in my heart. I believe that you need a plan to decorate a house properly. Personality, consistency, and coherence are essential, so cramming everything around the Christmas tree won’t cut it anymore. If you’re into Christmas decoration, be sure to visit Decorator’s Warehouse website to view their wide selection of products to spruce up your holiday décor this season.

Sure, decorating the whole house might seem a lot, but here are some budget-friendly solutions to breathe the holiday spirit into your entire home.

The Door

When someone visits you, the first thing they see is the front of the house. You should set the mood at the door. Most people hang a wreath; however, you could go for a creative twist and decorate the area with colorful ribbons, garlands, or lights.

Living Room

The living room is the most used space in any house. Here, all your guests sit around chatting and making themselves at home. Many people choose to ditch the Christmas tree and instead opt for hanging decorative branches adorned with baubles, cones, and orbs.

Another option is to have a vase composition with an evergreen branch, but instead of traditional festive ornaments, decorate it with natural flowers. This variant is ideal for those who live in hotter climates, have a garden full of colorful plants, and want something original.

Either way, you should have one centerpiece and accompanying details to complete the picture. Throw pillows, curtains, and warm blankets are among them.


Whether your kitchen will be buzzing and smelling of homemade food, or you’ll be heading to a restaurant for Christmas dinner, this room needs your special attention as well. Decorate your solid wood kitchen cabinets with hanging sugar icicles or a sweet candy cane wreath. Put some new plates and napkins on the table, or knit new Christmas-themed oven mittens.

The idea is to spread the festive mood among everyday household items.


Your guests and family will also enjoy a decorated bathroom. Candles and scented soap are the most subtle yet effective ways to replace everyday objects with festive ones. If you have space on a counter or beside the sink, make an aromatic centerpiece that disperses cinnamon and lemon, honey and milk, or rosy scents. Use tree branches to give it a unique touch.

If you want something less messy and more pragmatic, substitute your usual shower curtain with a non-expensive holiday-themed one. Using glitter glue, draw a few twinkly stars on the mirror. These small changes could quickly add a festive touch to the space.


A bedroom should set the mood for peace and tranquility. That’s why we’re not going for anything extreme. We recommend using tiny LED lights and shiny garlands to outline a Christmas tree on the wall or the wardrobe. Consider matching candles and small table trees for your dresser.

Where’s the Christmas Tree?

Seems like something’s missing, right? We left out the traditional Christmas tree on purpose: let spruce stay in the forests this year and tickle your imagination.

While pet-owners, parents, and small house dwellers might know that a standing tree can be a hazard and don’t even think about putting one up, you need to let the creative juices flow to find a way to create the perfect centerpiece. Remember, you’re on a special mission here: spread the Christmas vibe to every corner of your house with these helpful tips on a budget.