Tips for Purchasing a High Quality Diamond Ring

For most men in Singapore, marriage or engagement is a one in a lifetime event. Hence to impress their future wife, they would like to purchase the best ring which they can afford. While other gemstones may be used in the engagement ring, most men prefer to propose with a high quality diamond ring since diamonds are the most expensive gemstones. Diamonds will also last for a lifetime. There are many jewellers in Singapore who are selling diamond rings, yet only a few will provide quality diamond rings. Some information on where to buy diamond rings in Singapore is provided below.

Diamond quality

One of the considerations while purchasing a diamond ring is the quality of the diamonds which will be sold. There are a wide variety of diamonds available in different sizes, colors, shapes, clarity, and the prices of the diamond will also vary accordingly. One of the main features which determines the quality of the diamond is the brilliance of the diamond, the amount of light it reflects. This depends on how the diamond is cut. Diamonds of the highest quality are called super cut diamonds, made by master craftsmen. They are certified for their quality by testing labs like GIA and AGT.

Selection and advice

Most men are purchasing a very expensive diamond for the first time, so they are not aware of the various options which are available to them. Hence it is advisable to check the services offered by the jeweller. In some cases, the buyer will have to do the research himself, and may not choose the right diamond. So it is advisable to choose a jeweller who offers free advice to the diamond buyer on selecting the diamond, after explaining the various features of a quality diamond. It is also better to purchase the diamond from a jeweller who is well established, selling diamond rings for more than 7 years.

Ring design

In addition to the diamond quality, it is also important to have a unique ring design to match the expensive diamond which has been selected. So it is advisable to check the ring customization options available for the jewellery, whether the jeweller will make a customized diamond ring in the shape and pattern which is requested. The cheaper jewellers will usually have standard designs for the diamond ring and do not offer customization. High end jewellers allow their customers to design their own ring, after explaining the various popular designs. They also have a wax molding machine, to make a wax mold of the diamond ring for the client.


Though the diamond ring may be more expensive, it is always advisable to purchase an engagement or wedding diamond ring from a jeweller offering a lifetime warranty on the ring. This indicates that the jeweller is confident of the quality of the diamond ring. Some of the services included in the lifetime warranty are cleaning, repolishing, tightening the prongs of the diamond and rhodium plating of the ring. The diamond ring owner will otherwise have to pay for these services if there is no lifetime warranty on the ring.