Stocking Stuffers For Guys

There’s a certain time of day, around midday, where I get jolted out of my seat by the dog barking all of a sudden. It is a time where, because of working from home, it’s the only socially distant interaction of the day I get to have; saying hello to the delivery driver leaving off my recent Christmas splurge online.

I’m certain everyone has been Christmas shopping online a lot more this year. While it is incredibly convenient, I’ve found that not being able to walk around a store and have a look at the different things on offer has created some scenarios where I’m at a loss for what to get. It’s as though there’s so much stuff online that I wish I could look at a small table of gifts in a shop and know then and there what to get.

As hard as it is buying gifts for guys, stocking stuffers like fragrances and sweet treats aren’t going to cut it this year (when was the last time you got spritzed up for heading out on the town?). If you’ve had a mind blank working out what smaller presents to get this Christmas for the man in your life, here are some quick ideas that will help a lot. It all starts with recognising their video game

Anything with “gulag” on it

“I’m just going to play Warzone for half an hour.”

How many times have you heard this year in your home a lovely sound of someone screaming directions into their headset? I don’t know if it’s down to lockdowns, or that it is actually a good game, but if you know someone who just has to play Call Of Duty: Warzone every day, have I got a gift idea for you.

Go on the likes of Etsy and search for “gulag”. It’s a thing from the game that will make you seem as though you’ve been paying attention any time they play. I’ve seen everything from baseball caps and trendy prints to coffee cups and socks. It’ll be a surprise gift that they’ll want to show off to their friends.

A decent pair of boxers (which promote healthy habits)

Loungewear has become a staple in this house this year. While I try my best to get dressed properly for working from the kitchen table, I’m as guilty as anyone for throwing on pyjama bottoms when the day is done.

With everyone here having gone through a phase of buying new bottoms and socks throughout the year, the usual multipack of socks in the stocking isn’t going to cut it. Instead, get a guy a flashy new pair of boxers that will feel comfier than they’d ever imagined.

And don’t go for the usual big brand names. Get a pair from a company like Bawbags; they’re a boxer brand which supports testicular cancer charities with every purchase made. They’ll be comfortable and act a timely reminder for any guy to give themselves a quick check anytime they’re wearing a pair.

Something to keep things trim down there

Speaking of taking care of your bits, I want you to do a bit of reconnaissance in the bathroom cabinets. If your other half keeps things tidy down there, I want you to check if they have separate trimmers for their face and their downstairs. If they don’t, and they are known to keep their facial hair nice and tidy, they’ve been using the same trimmer on the top and bottom.

Get them out of bad habits by getting a personal grooming kit that includes a trimmer. If you listen to many podcasts like me, you’ll know all about Manscaped from advertisement overload, but other brands offer competitive gift set prices too. 

With many beard trimmers not designed to avoid knicks (which happens down there for guys more than you think), a personal trimmer is a gift they’ll never know they needed/wanted.

Decent Coffee

Has 2020 been the year of working from home for you and yours? Are you getting a little bit sick of using the same old “fancy” instant coffee (the powdery one that promises to give that authentic espresso taste?). Well, there’s no easier way to stuff a stocking than with a big bag of coffee beans. At this time of year, there is fierce competition between the different coffee companies online looking out for your business. 

Some will be selling kits that include filters and drippers, while others will have coffee cups and other accoutrements to entice you. It’s the easiest way of having a thoughtful gift in there, especially for those who need a few cups to wake up during those morning Zoom meetings.

I’d also recommend looking up local coffee roasters, as they’ll have special Christmas blends, and it’s never been more important than ever to support local business.

Good luck!

I hope these suggestions have sparked some inspiration for stocking gifts this year. If not, a big tube of Smarties will always do the job.