Cool Graffiti Art Wallpaper Free Download

Probably one of the most controversial art forms, graffiti art dated back in ancient times and still existed in the modern days such as ours. Graffiti art is usually expressed using paints and spray paints as well as permanent markers. Also called as art crimes, graffiti painting continues to exist despite the fact that writing on walls, especially in public places, is punishable by law. Graffiti art is also commonly used as a medium to express social and political opinion of artists.

In this post, we are featuring the best graffiti wallpapers that you may download and use as desktop wallpapers. If you do not wish to display one, then you can always use these artworks as inspiration in making your own graffiti designs in Photoshop and other programs. These are the best graffiti artwork that I have seen so far! This collection includes various artwork, including digital graffiti arts as well as photographs of graffiti markings on street walls in urban areas. Please add your favorites in this collection by providing the link in the comments section. We will try our best to have those included in this post.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to credit the authors of these artworks if you use them. Most of these wallpapers are free for personal use only. However, it is still highly advisable to check out the terms of use of each artwork with the author or source page before using them. To view and download the high resolution version of these graffiti wallpapers, just click on the link found below each image and it will take you to a new page where you will be presented with several options or resolutions that match your desktop. I hope you enjoy this collection!

To download the graffiti wallpaper that you want, simply save the image and it will take right click of mouse where you can download the best possible resolution for your desktop size. Have fund using these wallpapers.

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Cool Graffiti Art Wallpaper Free Download

graffiti-art-wallpaperImage Source

775833-cool-graffiti-wallpaperImage Source

cool-graffiti-wallpaper-for-desktop-graffiti-graphic-design-art-cool-graphic-design-wallpaper-wallpapers-hd-for-iphone-android-mobile-pc-download-wallsImage Source

Housing-Fullcolour-Graffiti-WallpaperImage Source

Graffiti Block wallpaperImage Source

download-graffiti-cool-art-words-wallpaper-graffiti-words-wallpaper-hd-graffiti-wallpaper-cool-design-for-walls-hd-bedrooms-uk-rooms-creator-ebay-australia-amazonImage Source

graffiti_wallpapers_1080p_hd_cool_awesome_designImage Source

awesome-graffiti-artImage Source

graffiti_wallpaper_582_wallpapers_hdImage Source

Graffiti_PicturesImage Source

abstract-cool-graffiti-wallpaper-with-splach-paint-color-graffiti-wallpaper-street-art-background-hdImage Source

assassins-creed-graffiti-art-freeImage Source

Wood-Wall-Graffiti-Art-Desktop-WallpaperImage Source

graffiti_wallpaper_324_desktop_artImage Source

most-downloaded-burnout-wallpapers-full-hd-wallpaper-search-chargers-graffiti-art-wallpaper-hd-2013-for-iphone-wallpapers-free-android-5-ipad-2012-borderImage Source

graffiti_wallpapers_9203_awesome_cool_backgroundImage Source

graffiti_background_wallpapers_3849_awesome_designImage Source

Colorful-Graffiti-Street-ArtImage Source

graffiti-artist-wallpaperImage Source

Graffiti_by_poopdedoopImage Source

Graffiti-cool-WallpaperImage Source

graffiti_wallpaper_171_art_coolImage Source

Artistic Graffiti Desktop WallpapersImage Source

Graffiti on Brick WallImage Source

Image Source

Love 2 Graffiti street ArtImage Source

Graffiti wallpaperImage Source

Grafitis cool wallImage Source

Graffiti photostream set wallpaperImage Source

Hardcore 3d graffiti promotional pieceImage Source

Graffiti wallpaper FreeImage Source

Graffiti wallpaper for iPhone iPod Touch and iPadImage Source

Graffiti Best WallpaperImage Source

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