Diamond Painting: The Most Popular Art Form in 2021

We humans are really creative beings and over the millennia, we have created many arts and crafts that allow for artistic expression, while there is one particular form that has suddenly emerged, which is diamond painting. This is a craft that does not involve painting with diamonds, rather it involves the application of many tiny pieces of coloured rhinestone, which are carefully attached to the canvas by the artist. Diamond painting is a combination of painting by numbers and cross-stitching, whereby you select the right colour and attach the stone with a special applicator and as every stone is numbered, you really can’t go wrong.

Online Solutions

As diamond painting kits explode in popularity, all it takes to find a supplier is a Google search to find a supplier such as Diamond Craft, a family-run business that produces stunning diamond painting kits at very affordable prices. The kits are very easy to follow and as you work away, the image becomes noticeable and this really is a very satisfying way to spend your free time.

Wide Range of Subjects

Whether you want to recreate a landscape or a famous person, there are many kits available, including the following:

  • Abstracts
  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Cartoons Dragons
  • Popular Holidays
  • Nature
  • People
  • Culture
  • Religion

Inside each category, there are many choices and all you do is scroll down the list until you find an image you would love to create, then proceed to check-out and a secure online payment see the kit despatched to your home address. Never again will you feel bored at home and every spare minute will be spent working on your masterpiece, which is simply a question of following the numbers and if you have painted something and it was a disaster, this won’t be the case with diamond painting, where you follow the numbers. Click here for some speed-cleaning hacks to make your home spotless.

The Perfect Gift

Once framed, your latest diamond painting would make for a great gift, which will save you a lot on money over the years and who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive such a gift? Of course, you will need a good eye and a steady hand and, like most things, the more you do, the better you become, although there is a pattern to follow, which eliminates error. Until we get the all-clear, we should check for daily global Coronavirus report and in the country where we reside.

Great for Both Kids & Adults

Children aged 10-11 can create stunning diamond paintings and there are kits for all skill levels and when you purchase a diamond painting kit, it includes the following:

  • Canvas (with the design printed on).
  • The instructions and the colour chart.
  • The vibrant diamonds (packed by colour).
  • Diamond applicator pen and attachments.
  • Adhesive wax.
  • Special tray.

The kit also contains a special pair of tweezers that enable you to pick up the tiny diamond studs and that’s really all your need to create a stunning piece of art that can be hung in the living room.

Once you’ve finished your first masterpiece, check out the many other categories and when you are ready, choose a higher skill level kit.