Tips for Choosing the Best Extension Design

A home extension is the ideal way to extend the space in your home to create an additional space for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to create a relaxing area for curling up with a cup of coffee and book in the morning whilst overlooking the garden or plan to design a work studio to provide you with a new space to get your head down and focus, the options are endless.

Working with professional architects in London can make your vision a reality, allowing you to transform your home into a space that suits you without the need to relocate in order to upsize. Here are some of our top tips when you are looking to extend your home:

Consider the location options

For many properties, there are not an extensive number of positions surrounding your property which could fit an extension. Putting some thought into the location can help enhance your home without compromising on other areas of your home or neighbouring properties. Noisy roads, passers-by and overlooked spaces are often best to avoid to help you create a peaceful extension in the best possible spot.

Set aside a realistic budget

Although this might seem like a simple consideration, having a set price in mind will help achieve your goals more effectively. Often people can go into an extension blindly and find that the different costs all add up and make the project unrealistic. Factoring in the different expenses and working out what is achievable within this budget will ensure that you can create a new space without breaking the bank.

Find trustworthy professionals

Since the quality of your home is on the line, undertaking research into the quality of the companies you are partnering with can make all of the difference. Reading reviews from past clients and ensuring that industry standards are met will help minimise the risk of any unreliable goings on that could leave you out of pocket.

Gain professional go ahead

Dependant on your plans, planning permission may be required before work gets underway. Your architects will be able to guide you through this process and advise on what is required, ensuring all legalities and guidelines are closely followed. Although not necessary, we often advise discussing your plans with neighbours beforehand to minimise the risk of any feuds which could arise. If your extension will interfere with their view or overlook their space, a discussion to get their understanding can go a long way.

Build upwards or downwards

When many of us think of extensions, we think of a new area on the side of the house approaching the garden. An extension doesn’t have to be limited to this; converting a loft or creating a basement can add a whole new layer to your home without taking over outdoor space where it may be limited. Thinking outside of the box can allow you to add some unique new features to your home, creating new nooks and setting you aside from other properties if it comes to selling.