Top 3 Betting Websites in Zambia

Betting is one of the simplest forms of earning money. It is one of the means of enjoyment and a way to pass the time with the added benefit of a chance of winning rewards. Betting is the perfect form of entertainment when there are funds to spare, and it may provide a return doubling the prize to the investment a person would have done. Zambian people love to take risks and also love to invest in lotteries. Every risk may get served with a reward. Betting is a simple means of that example. Some famous websites for betting in Zambia are: –

GSB Zambia

GSB Zambia is an online sports betting platform. GSB stands for GAL Sports Betting.  They are a website that provides a great experience in the field of betting. GSB Zambia is not subject to betting on a single sport, but it gives a chance to bet on a large group of sports. GSB  Zambia also aids their users those have problems in gambling and also gambling addictions.

They even have a link on their website termed “Responsible Gambling” that describes ways to control the habit of gambling and also shows ways to recover. The rules and regulations are general and specific, which means that the general rules are to be followed by everyone while the particular rules differ as per the sport. Some of the sports in which GSB Zambia gives the option of betting are soccer, basketball, horse racing, tennis, etc.  A new addition to the betting choice is Virtual Sports.

Apart from all this, there is a lottery section on the website of GSB Zambia. Lotteries have always been one of the activities of the people of Zambia. GSB Zambia has now provided an option for playing lotteries on their website also.  Go to, to find out more about GSB Zambia.

Supabet Zambia

Supabet Zambia is also a website for online sports betting.  It also provides its users to bet on all different kinds of sports from the option provided on the website. Supabet Zambia gives a chance to bet on sports like cricket, football basketball, tennis, etc.  Placing a bet is very simple no matter if the person is a regular user or old.

  • To place a bet, choose the specific sport for which you want to place a bet and then look for an option named market.
  • You will notice that the game is getting added to the bet slip option.
  • The website provides an option of betting on multiple games at the same time.
  • After selecting all the options that satisfy your choice, select the Place Bet option to confirm your bet.
  • Choose the price you want to bet on the next screen and press the place bet option.
  • The lowest stake for a bet is KES 50, and there is no limitation on the maximum amount.
  • The highest payout is KES 10,000,000.

The website of Supabet Zambia does not only allow pre-betting schemes but also schemes to bet on live matches.  This betting platform is easily accessible by selecting the “Live” tab on the front page of the website. Supabet Zambia also gives everyone a list of casino games to choose from to pass the time and await their favorite sports matches to start. There is a list of 10 casino games to choose from and enjoy for the time while waiting for the game you want to bet.

BetPawa Zambia

BetPawa Zambia is a website precisely made for sports betting fans. The people who love to bet in sports and want unlimited options to bet. This website works like a charm for such individuals. It allows anyone to bet on any sport that is there on the dropdown list.  There are multiple rules to be looked upon, and also this should be noticed that each sport has some specific rules, and they differ from the other ones.

The betting system and choices vary entirely in the selection of the sport you are betting. There is also the feature of live betting while having the taste of the action going on.  The website is very active as there is a considerable number of bets placed every second. Sometimes the prices are shown in the live betting time change very fast and also appear and disappear with no alarm or so.

Multiple bets are placed for different games at the same time, and it has a maximum limit of up to 45 selections. This website is one of the best and one of the most trusted sites in the betting scenario. The website solves all problems and even aids its users in the issues they may be facing. Visit this website to find out more about BetPawa Zambia.