The Smoker Accessories Everyone Needs to Own

Everyone has their own special approach when it comes to smoking weed. But there are a few consistently awesome smoker accessories. In Australia for example almost everyone can agree they are makes your life easier no matter what. Whether you’re a novice weed smoker or someone who finds it practically second nature, you can’t go wrong by adding the following smoker accessories to your paraphernalia.

Rolling Papers

Sometimes getting back to basics is the best way to have the perfect weed smoking experience. That’s why every smoker needs to have great rolling papers, and potentially filters, by their side at all times. As you might expect, there are endless types of rolling papers to choose from that can pretty dramatically impact flavour and overall enjoyability. 

Most people tend to prefer organic rolling papers as they don’t change the flavour of your weed. However, these can be difficult to roll if you’re inexperienced. High-quality filters should also be in your smoker accessories as they offer a smoother experience and can also help novices roll better joints.

Rolling Tray

Let’s be honest – almost every smoker has had their accessories blow away in the wind or fall to the ground because they’ve been trying to balance one too many things on their lap. With a rolling tray, this problem more or less disappears as you can keep all your things together in a safe and organised spot. 

When looking to add a rolling tray to your smoker accessories, you have to decide whether a metal, wooden or plastic one is the right choice for you. Functionally, there probably isn’t much difference. But a wooden smoking tray has a more premium feel and can be engraved with all kinds of cool designs.

Metal Grinder

Owning a grinder, particularly one made from metal, is a smart way to improve your smoking experience. Instead of having to pick apart your weed by hand, you can simply load it into your grinder and have finely chopped, consistent weed to smoke in just a few seconds. While grinders can also be made from plastic or wood, a metal one typically has superior quality teeth that ensure your weed is delicious to consume every time. 

Another benefit of owning a metal grinder is that you won’t waste any weed. Although you might not realise it, pulling it apart by hand causes plenty of weed to get lost on your hands or on the ground.

Stash Box

One type of accessory that you definitely shouldn’t overlook is a stash box, although you don’t have to use something that’s made specifically for weed. Primarily, people want to have somewhere discreet to keep their weed collection, while it’s also important to keep your weed fresh so that you can enjoy it for longer. Whether you choose an Altoids tin or invest in a specially designed contraption, don’t forget to include a stash box in your smoker accessories.

Cleaning Products

Finally, being a dedicated smoker means cleaning your accessories regularly. It doesn’t matter whether you use a bong, a pipe or a metal grinder, making sure you clean them often is the ideal way to ensure your weed always tastes amazing. In your smoker accessories, keep some rubbing alcohol, cleaning tablets or a reputable weed-specific cleaning product.