Truck Accident Attorneys: Get Comprehensive Claims In Short Time

In August 2020, the number of truck-related accidents increased in the sub-region of the USA. Some metro-regions also witnessed incidents that caused injuries to the drivers and other parties. In severe cases, victims have trouble believing in what really happened. An accident can lead to physical and mental trauma, for example, the sufferer of a crash often goes through shock, anger, nervousness, fear and guilt. That said, truck accidents may occur because of several reasons. First, driving an 18-wheeler is a challenging task. To operate these gigantic machines, you need exclusive licensing along with professional and extensive training. Yet, in almost every investigation, ‘distraction’ and irresponsible behavior turns out to be the leading causes of truck accidents. Other common errors include: – 

  1. Over – speeding 
  2. Negligent behavior  
  3. Failure to take critical judgments 
  4. Tiredness and Fatigue 
  5. Lack of traffic rule knowledge 

Driving an 18-wheeler means taking full responsibility for the safety of the vehicle and the loaded cargo. On average, these trucks can weigh around 40 tons. The heavier ones also take a longer time to come to a complete stop, that’s why making the slightest error can cause significant damage. But not always that it’s a mistake from the truck driver ends. Sometimes the causes of accidents are car owners. These drivers use mobile while operating, consume liquor, drive too close to trucks, perform illegal takeover and drive in the blind spot of truck drivers. 

You can easily avoid truck accidents by taking these preventive measures. 

Take Complete Rest

A common cause of accidents is fatigue. It’s perfectly natural to feel tiredness during long-haul truck driver jobs. Because of the lack of energy, it’s hard to stay alert. The best solution is to pull over and take a nap you will feel much better. Also, go for a full restful sleep a day before you hit the route.

Set a Speed Limit

If you have not already set a speed limit for yourself, do it now. Always drive in the set speed limit to prevent any accident. The common cause of truck-accident is over-speeding because the driver wants to get to the location faster. It can also become a reason for a ticket, and you might end up paying more than you will earn.  

Watch the Weather

It’s a good idea to take a full report of weather before hitting the route. Keeping a check on climatic conditions is easy; there is a plethora of ways to do it. Nowadays, you can use your smartphone to dig into it. In case, it’s supposed to rain or snow, then ensure you drive slower than the set limit and carry proper gears. 

Vehicle Inspection

Maintaining your truck and optimizing it whenever needed can change your life. It is highly recommended to do a complete inspection before starting on your route. Do a double check on breaks, tires, fluid levels, and warning lights. Knowing about the vehicle will help you gain more confidence and won’t cause any problem during long-haul travel. 

Leverage Your Training

Getting truck driver training has many benefits. Do not expect others to follow all the rules. Watch out for drivers on the road. Ensure that you use turn signals and check the mirrors when switching between lanes. Always take extra precautions during night time to prepare for the safety of yourself, your truck and the cargo. 

It’s important to keep safety as the top priority. Even a small mishandling can cause a big impact. You can follow some basic safety tips and ensure that your trip completes with no hassle. 

Here, check-out the five simple ways to stay safe on the road. 

Use Seatbelt: You will never become a successful driver if you don’t wear the safety belt. As many as 6 out of 10 drivers won’t wear safety belts except during checking. 

Avoid Smartphones: One of the biggest reasons for accidents is carelessness. You can avoid using your smartphone while on the road and stay out of trouble of getting a ticket. 

Avoid Alcohol/Drugs: Consuming alcohol, or taking drugs can negatively affect your physical and mental faculties. Plus, some medications may also cause drowsiness and decrease your vision. 

Slow Down: When you are going on longer routes, use your intuition as a guide. Stick to the set speed limit, reduce your speed on curvy turns and adjust your speed when switching lanes. 

Stay Mindful: Know the ins-n-out of your truck, keep in mind the massive height and weight of the rig. Ensure that you maintain a safe and comfortable space cushion on all sides. 

In case you still face an accident, take help of the best truck accident attorney to get complete claims. At Grey Law, you can get assistance from the professional with years of experience and right legal guidance to deal with insurance companies. Always follow the traffic road, ensure that you take all precautionary measure and don’t give anyone a reason to file a complaint against you.