Daily Makeup and the Power of the Eyelash

We believe that a woman’s daily makeup routine is her secret weapon. Whilst women certainly do not have to wear makeup (we of course support women’s personal choices) we know that makeup can bring a boost of confidence. It can allow a woman to conquer her goals and face her inner saboteur.

Whilst her collection contains many heavy hitters—foundations, concealers, powders, shadows, and blushes are all key aids to her toolkit—no product can add that stunning final touch quite like a well-crafted eyelash.

Every woman will have a different daily makeup routine: some prefer to use a full foundation and plenty of rouges; some opt for a little highlight with a hint of lip gloss. Whatever your preference, an eyelash extension plays an important role in improving your look and gaining beautiful eyelashes.

Long and dark eyelashes create the illusion of large eyes and draw a contrast between the eye itself and the eyelid. This frame and highlights your natural eye colour whilst underlining any eyeshadow that you are wearing. Eyelash extensions instantly improve the look of any makeup – from colourful, artsy styles to smoky and smoother shadows.

A lot of women opt for eyelash extensions as these semi-permanent lashes offer a much more convenient alternative to a gloopy and sticky mascara which can be awkward to apply. 

Every woman knows the struggle of wiping your eyes with makeup remover for five minutes to get rid of the itchy mascara, only to find you come away looking like a red-faced panda! Half of the mascara is still attached, and the other half spread across your eyelids. Not to mention the aggravation that you cause the delicate skin around your lids and under-eye. No woman should have to suffer this every day!

However, with a slip of glue and a quality lash from Noble Lashes, you can have all the drama of mascara with the precision dial turned up, and the mess and aggravation turned down. Eyelash extensions are incredibly robust and with the correct application from a professional technician, can last weeks or months at a time. These fluttery lashes give you a beautiful and seamless look each day, with practically zero effort.

Whether you are going for total diva drama or a smooth and natural light look, the answer lies in a lash extension. Extensions are just as versatile as those who wear them and come in a massive variety of shapes and tones. Maybe the biggest player in a woman’s arsenal is the eyelash extension after all.