The Complete Profile for Essential Oil – Aniseed

Aniseed extract, another popular essential oil which like many others, has many health benefits that come from its use.

Extracted from the seeds and herb of Pimpinella Anisum, and of the Umbelliferae family, aniseed essential oil typically has a pungent smell which is very noticeable. A fun fact is that this plant comes from the same family that produces carrots, celery and parsley! The plant can grow up to 1 meter tall and develops flowers and a white fruit which is named as the anise seed.

Aniseed essential oil has a very distinct taste of liquorice and often will be used as an addition to desserts and drinks because of this, to enhance a flavour profile. On top of this, aniseed essential oil of course has healing and health benefits for numerous ailments and is utilized for these purposes as well.

Before we get into our aniseed essential oil profile, we must first understand what an essential oil is.

What Is An Essential Oil?

It is a product that is developed through the extraction of herbs, flowers and other plant material in order to create a liquid that can be used for a variety of different things. The liquid created through these extraction processes are capturing the essence, taste, scent and distinct flavour profile of the plant material they are extracted from.

These products can be extracted through distillation (through steam or water) or other methods such as cold pressing, which is a mechanical extraction process. Once these chemicals have been extracted, they are combined with a carrier oil which aims to develop a product that can be used. However, the way that an extract is created is important, as those developed through chemical processes are not considered to be a true essential oil.

History of Aniseed

The history of aniseed essential oil can be traced back over 2000 years. The plant was originally grown and cultivated in Egypt and Greece and was also found during the Middle Ages in Central Europe. Ancient Romans also highly praised the plant and used it in food such as cakes. This was done strategically to help ease any indigestion, flatulence and hiccups that may occur from the meal before. During these ancient times, anise seed essential oil was used as an aphrodisiac, as well as being believed to prevent nightmares and ward away evil spirits.

It also had medicinal purposes, being used for sore throats, stubborn coughs and is often still used for these purposes today, although used in different products such as lozenges. It is also still used to flavour different foods.

Growing The Plants

Growing anise plants for the essential oil can be done during spring. They are planted and grow best in the outdoors. Whilst the anise plant can grow in any environment, it does require at least 120 days of no frost to grow properly and produce ripe seeds. Full sunlight is needed to properly grow the plant, and regular watering is required during any hot and dry weather.

Uses and Benefits

Helpful As An Antiseptic

While proper medicinal antiseptics are always recommended for any open wounds, the use of anise seed essential oil can help to provide assistance as an antiseptic. When a wound is fresh and open, it is very susceptible to infection if any bacteria gets into the wound.

Using medicinal antiseptic and anise seed essential oil can help to provide a protective layer over the wound as it heals and stop bacteria from entering it. This is very important, as an infection can lead to further health problems and stop the wound from healing.

Helps To Promote Digestion

The proper use of anise seed essential oil can help to promote digestion in the stomach. As mentioned previously in this article, anise seed essential oil was used by the Romans to help digest food after a meal, and the product was baked into a cake for ingestion. Indigestion affects a huge number of the population at some point in their lives and using this product can ensure that smooth digestion is made possible.

Offers Pain Relief

We all need pain relief at some point in our lives. Aniseed essential oil can be an effective pain reliever for options such as muscle aches and stiff joints. Many people will experience this type of pain at some point and using this product can help to relieve it.

Maybe you went to the gym and your muscles are now sore, or maybe your joints just feel stiff. Either way, aniseed essential oil can be applied in order to help soothe the pain effectively. The product can be diluted with a carrier oil, and then applied onto the affected areas to help relieve pain.

Offers Respiratory Relief

Anise seed essential oil can help to provide relief for respiratory symptoms. These symptoms may come about as a result of lodged phlegm in the respiratory tracts, or you could be feeling congested. Using aniseed essential oil can help to relieve some of these symptoms and help you to breathe better. 

Furthermore, it is a heart relaxant, meaning that it has antispasmodic qualities in its use. Thereby, it can help to relieve painful coughing cycles. This product can be particularly helpful when it comes to sicknesses such as the cold, influenza, asthma and bronchitis. It can be applied by dropping 3-5 drops into a diffuser to be inhaled slowly and it should provide some relief from respiratory symptoms.

Alleviates Stress, Tension and Anxiety

Stress, tension and anxiety. Three factors which significantly influence and plague our population nowadays. In such a fast-paced modern world overrun by technology, social media, societal pressures and measures of conformity, it is easy to understand why people would feel stressed, tense and anxious. People are constantly looking for the best way to wind down and relax.

Aniseed essential oil can be used to help relax the body and provide the user with much needed relaxing experiences. This can be achieved by adding a few drops into a diffuser and allowing the aromas and scents to relax you and your environment.

Simply For The Scent

Scent is one of the biggest reasons that people will buy an essential oil, and aniseed does not disappoint. The scent of this product can be used to help calm the body and the mind (as mentioned previously) and is usually done so through a diffuser. However, the scent can be used by mixing the essential oil into products such as soap, sprays, skincare products and in general any product which you want to smell good. Through this, after cleaning or washing, you will be able to have that scent all around you to keep you calm or just make the place smell better!

Overall, anise seed essential oil is the perfect product for anyone who wants to receive various health and medicinal based benefits, as well as for anyone who wants to relax. It is an essential oil that is becoming more and more popular due to these benefits and would suit best those who are looking for more health based benefits rather than aesthetic ones. Having a diffuser handy is the best way to receive these benefits and experience the power of anise seed.