Determining the Cost of Composite Decking

Deck Building is becoming very common in the construction industry. Homeowners are interested in converting their backyard into a good looking deck. Composite Decking is their first choice because this material looks just like wood and requires low maintenance. It is a durable product that can fix all the issues of default decking material used in the past. But before considering a deck construction one needs to know about its cost. If you believe that composite material is ideal for your already existing or a new deck then for the cost of Composite Decking, Brite Deck contractors can be brought into consideration.

If you really want to get an idea of the cost of deck installation consulting a native contractor could be beneficial. The cost depends on the type of composite decking material you choose. There are three types of decking material:-


  1. Polyethylene – based decking
  2. Polypropylene – based decking
  3. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) based decking

Whichever type you select, each decking has its own pros and cons. When we talk of polyethylene and polypropylene-based material, it is liked by some homeowners because both of them have some wood content and allow homeowners to stain if required. But polyethylene is oil-based and less durable, it is not very popular as compared to the other two types of material. The PVC based material is commonly used because it’s the most durable product that doesn’t stain or possess any wood content. It is moisture and mold resistant and hence requires low upkeep. Despite being 20% costlier than polyethylene and polypropylene decking, it is preferred more due to its durability.

Cost:- Its cost depend on the type of decking material:-

  1. When we talk of the price of composite decking its average cost comes to $ 35 per square foot.
  2. A polyethylene based decking has an average cost of $ 7.80 per square foot.
  3. The average cost for polypropylene-based decking can be $ 8.68 per square foot.
  4. Lastly, the average cost of solid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking is $ 9.48 but can be reduced to 7.50 per square foot if bought in the hollow slots.

Hence, according to the average reported cost, the homeowners who choose composite decking for their deck have to pay somewhere around $ 9000 to $20,000.


There are some more factors that affect the cost of composite decking, the first and the foremost is the material and the size of the deck. We have already seen that the average cost varies from $ 9000 to $ 20,000, but this can be reduced from $ 7 to $10 per square foot, if done with hollow slots.

Another factor that influences the cost of composite decking is the labour. A professionally trained and licensed contractor can install your deck perfectly but, it will raise the total cost of your project. There are DIY options also, but it will not provide you with a perfect deck installation. Moreover, accessories like lights, benches, permits, and location also add to the price of composite decking.


Therefore, if you are planning a deck for your backyard make sure that you hire a licensed and professional contractor, who can provide you with the cheapest quotes. When you buy the material, get the hollow slots, hire good professionals, who are good at obtaining deck permits, appoint less laborers and always help you in lowering down the total cost of installation with favorable price rates.