How COVID-19 Can Land You a New Marijuana Hobby

With the pandemic sweeping across continents, we are locked up into our homes more than ever. This has resulted in set backs, but also brought about a whole new dimension to the word ‘home’. Our homes have changed and become the place where we live, work and have our hobbies. This is the reason why people who are fond of marihuana have shifted their attention to a new hobby: growing weed with marijuana seeds. These seeds can not only provide you with a new hobby, but also with higher quality weed.

Why get started with growing marijuana

When you purchase marijuana on the street, you do not know anything about the quality. Additionally, you will not be informed of any chemicals and pesticides being used to harvest the marijuana. When you can grow your own marijuana using the marijuana seeds, you can be sure what happened to the plants. This not only provides you with quality weed, but also helps you to understand what makes weed high quality and a good product.

A whole community is waiting for you

You will not be the first that starts growing with marijuana seeds, especially since the start of the pandemic. You can get in touch with a vast network of growers that help each other and provide recommendations, tips and tricks. This makes it a fun experience to start growing your own plants. Over time, this also helps you to become a better grower and share your experience with new joiners as well.

Some tips and tricks to get started with

Of course, we cannot give you a recommendation to start growing without providing some tips and tricks ourselves.

Research on the type of plant

There are many types of marijuana plants out there. It is important that you understand the needs of these plants to make sure that they will grow in the surrounding that you can offer. For example, if you have little space in your home you need to make sure that the plant can grow under ‘normal’ circumstances. If you have more space, you can consider dedicating a room and adjusting the temperatures according to the needs of the plants.

Storing marijuana once harvested

Once the marijuana is ready to be harvested, you need to think about the storage space. There is no way that you can consume all marijuana at once, meaning that storage is inevitable. Storing marijuana is best in a dark and cool place. You can also consider using vacuum bags to store the marijuana. This helps the product stay fresh longer.

Buy from a respectable source

There are many parties on the Internet that offer marijuana seeds. Make sure that you order from a respected source that clearly states information about the seeds. Preferably, the provider also gives information about the growing process. One of the leading providers in the UK is Royal Queen Seeds, who offer the complete package. Want to learn more? Visit