Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Methods That You Should Know

There are many types of methods available to clean your carpet. However, it is useless to use them without knowing what kind of method will work on your carpet. You may have noticed that every carpet is made of different fabrics such as wool, linen, Tencel, jute, etc. But, every material needs to be cleaned by other methods so fabrics do not lose their quality and get damaged. 

Most people try to do it themselves, but without knowing how to clean, you will just reduce the quality of the carpet. However, you can hire Area Rug Cleaning professionals to clean your carpet. 

Steam Cleaning 

Steam cleaning is used for many carpets as it is the most well-known cleaning method. Steam cleaning is done by forceful high-pressure water on the carpet. This method helps clean the carpet from its roots. Steam cleaning removes a lot of dust and smells from the carpet. You may need a lot of water to clean the carpet. 

It also has disadvantages like you could damage your carpet if the method is not used correctly. Also, water soaks deep into the roots of the carpet’s fabric, so there is a high chance that your carpet will lose its quality if used on the wrong fabric. For better assistance, you can use services like carpet cleaning in dana point.  

Dry Carpet Cleaning 

Many people recommend the dry carpet cleaning method as it is safe and easy to do. This method is done by sprinkling powders to extract dirt or dust from the carpet and then removed by a vacuum cleaner. The dry carpet cleaning method is not as effective as many others. However, it is good to go method as it does not consume a lot of time.

For example, cleaning a carpet with water takes a lot of time as you first need to dry them to use. Many professionals cleaning services use this method, but they have improved results. They use the oxygenated cleaner to clean the carpet properly. However, professional carpet cleaning services also provide Tile Cleaning services.


These are a few of the most used carpet cleaning techniques as they provide good results after cleaning. Above mentioned information would help you understand how to use these cleaning methods. You could also consider hiring a carpet cleaning dana point professional. The professional services will save you a lot of work. And, you could rest assured that your carpets are cleaned properly without any harm.