How to Design a Bedroom

Decorate your bedroom like an interior designer with these steps that make it easy. Start from the general to the particular.

A tip before you start 

Especially if you’re a creative person, it’s crucial for you to furnish your bedroom so that it’s relaxed and cozy. The room setting can affect the quality of your remote work or study. Of course, other factors such as determination, talents, and diligence also play a role, but many tasks have long been possible to simplify with the help of various sites and online tools for study and work, such as Now, there remains harmony in yourself and your favorite bedroom. It is something that depends on you. The basic idea is to furnish and decorate the room with what you need, without stuffing or filling it, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Measure the room

Because with that measurement you will know what size furniture to buy. You will know if there is space on a wall for the chest of drawers or if it is more appropriate for the closet. The furniture should be adapted in size to the room. They should look balanced in size, neither too big nor too small.

Define the color palette

In search of that feeling of harmony and relaxation, the colors you choose to decorate a room have to make you feel good. Think about what you like. You can bring it to the bedroom to a greater or lesser extent, also depending on the size and brightness of the room. Choose neutral colors, cream, sand, and earth in soft tones, and on that background, decide if you want to add warm colors (with a more vivid effect) or cool colors (which are more relaxing).

Distribute the largest pieces of furniture in the room first

Bed and closet (in case there is not a built-in one). The bed is essential because its location is central and serves to organize the rest of the space. In addition, when placing it, you must consider that there should be a comfortable space between the bed and the walls or side furniture (minimum 50 cm). Together with the measurements, you will know if you can opt for a wider or narrower bed and what space is left for bedside tables and other furniture.

About the bed (its orientation)

Do you watch TV from your bed and do you read on it? This type of “use” you make of the bed daily will also guide you on how to orient it in space and decorate a room. Because in case of watching TV, you will have to consider where the antenna socket is located or where to place it in case of reform. The ideal is that the cables are integrated into the wall, so they are not seen. And if you read, you must take into account the type of light point and its location. It is a luxury to orient the bed towards a window with a view.

Closet in the bedroom

As a step to decorate a room you have to consider whether to incorporate a closet in the space. Because the closet is a rather bulky piece of furniture, its size has to be according to the number of clothes you keep and if it is only for one or more people. Reserve a long wall or arrange the modules separately according to the shape of the floor plan and dimension. With the measurements and the bed’s location, in this step, you will also know the size of the closet and the type of door.

Other furniture

Bedside tables, chest of drawers, bench or trunk. The first ones on each side of the bed can be different. Chest of drawers at the foot of the bed or on one side. And a bench or stool at the foot of the bed or attached to a wall as a support to take off your shoes or leave your clothes. These pieces of furniture can be coordinated in style or play with different finishes if the remaining furniture and coverings are neutral.

The bed textiles

They are the ones you have to start with when you consider how to decorate a room with textiles. The bed is the most prominent element, the central one, so you should start with it. Choose the tones you want in the different elements: bedspread or comforter, cushions, plaid. Do you imagine a bedroom in neutrals? Do you want colors in this element, plain or patterned? For a relaxing space, cream, blue and green. For a more energetic atmosphere, terracotta, camel, and yellow.

Other textiles: curtains and rugs

Depending on the bed’s fabrics, plain or patterned, light or bright, you can choose the rest of the textiles: window treatments and rugs. Balance a set of striking bedding with them or highlight something to liven up. A well-dressed window can add color and texture, as can one or more rugs.

The lightning in the room 

In how to decorate a room, lighting is another element, as important as a piece of furniture or bedding, and can affect how you perceive everything else, from the colors chosen for the walls to the finish of the furniture. But it also helps you rest by creating a relaxing atmosphere without harsh lighting. To decorate well, there should be ambient light (which will illuminate without shadows), small lamps or sconces next to the bed -like a spotlight if you read- and accent light, the most ambient -using a floor lamp or table lamp.