Tips for Selling Custom T-shirts During the Summer

Most people love summer. It is the season when everybody can get their fill of the beach, the sun, pool parties, and even ice cream.

Summertime also provides the perfect chance to be outdoors with family and friends. It also offers excellent opportunities for creative individuals to launch one-off projects and profit from tourists and locales having fun on beaches, parks, pool houses, etc. 

If you’re looking for a profitable summertime project with friends, try selling summer-themed custom shirts to people enjoying the season. Get that killer summer vibe design out by following this quick guide below.

Colour Palette

Steer clear of black and dark clothing because they’re a big no in the summer. Dark-coloured garments absorb heat, so wearing them won’t be comfortable during a heatwave. White should be the way to go. But don’t limit yourself. Candy pastels are also great for emulating that summer energy, especially pastel pink, blue, and yellow. 

Cool Summer Fabric

Summer is about keeping cool during hot days, figuratively and literally. You want your customers to flaunt their shirts without feeling discomfort while wearing them. 

Cotton is the easiest choice for a cool summer fabric because it’s light and breathable. But you can also go for linen, rayon, and nylon. Remember that the cloth is one of the essential factors your customers will consider before they purchase custom t-shirts online or in your brick and mortar store.

Shirt Sizes

Tight clothing during summer days may feel like a nightmare when you think about it. Airflow is essential for every summer clothing, so offer T-shirts that provide just that. You can go with loose-fitted or oversized shirts so your customers can stay cool all day, every day. 

Design Tips 

The most common designs you can go for this season are tropical patterns, surfing references, summertime food and drinks, and quotes.  

If this is your first time to go into t-shirt printing, check out some of the tips below:

Print Size

Don’t let your design eat up the whole shirt. Oversized prints might look off. Plus, that amount of ink on fabric will feel uncomfortable to wear, especially during summertime. 

One thing you can do while finalizing your design is print a mockup on a piece of paper. Then, hold it out in front of the shirt to visualize it as a finished product. 


The most common design placement for a shirt should be the upper front center, usually about four inches from the collar. It should not be dead centre, like at the belly, because it will look bad and unprofessional. Other placements include full back, top back center, and front pocket. 

There are cases where you can break the placement rules but double-check if it will look good on the shirt. 


Typography is an art in itself, but you don’t need to be an artist to do it right. You just need to understand the essential rules when doing it.

If you’re going for a statement shirt, use two or three different fonts or typefaces, like mixing serif with sans serif or script. You can go with handwritten or brush fonts specifically for that adventurous feel in your summer shirt. There are many summer-themed fonts or typefaces available online for download that you can check out. 

When printing statement shirts, always emphasize the important words by setting them to bold or all-caps. However, don’t set all letters into all-caps. 

Summer’s In Business

Selling shirts is a great summertime project to allow others to embrace the season while earning quick cash. By following this guide, you can succeed in t-shirt printing this season and maybe in the long run if you wish to pursue it.