Different Types of Lingerie to Choose for Your Body Type

Lingerie sounds familiar to all, but when it comes to choosing one for personal use, people aren’t sure. Sure, professional models such as Babestations Terrie Hawkes always look stunning in lingerie, which is why so many people tune in to her live cams, but sexiness doesn’t come this easy for everybody. Lingerie is one such word people often hear and think they know everything about, but the fact is that many are novice about it. So, what exactly is lingerie? How is it different from the ordinary undergarments? What are various types of lingerie? If you know the perfect answers to these questions, well this article will help you choose one best for you. If you don’t know the basics of lingerie, for them, we hereby start from the very basics, which the experts may skip.

What is meant by lingerie?

If you consider undergarments as the very basics of dressing, then lingerie is all about indulgence. This is something every woman deserves, irrespective of being single or engaged. You will be surprised to know what all things this tiny, but an adorable piece of clothing can do, provided that it is even not seen by others, except your partner, if you wish to. So, what purpose it serves? Apart from offering you a good shape, lift, and comfort, wearing perfect lingerie can make you feel elegant, happy, and confident.

Back in the early decades of the 19th century, very delicate pieces of fabrics like chiffon, lace, rayon, feathers, ruffles, etc. were used to make the intimates sensuous for women, which gained a lot of popularity from then on. At the initial phase of it, lingerie was considered as a status symbol of elite class women. Later, modern women started using it for special events like anniversaries or weddings, etc. Even though a premium piece of lingerie holds a special place in people’s heart, there is nothing wrong in considering it as a worthy investment for no reason.

If you are confused about what lingerie will be the best suiting to your body time, let’s figure out.

Choosing the right lingerie for your body type

For women with hourglass body type

If you have an hourglass type, i.e., 36-24-36 or so type of figure, then it is best to wear some lingerie which can add more oomph to your hot body shape. If your shoulders and hips are of the same width with a thin waistline, then anything may fit best on this body shape. Also, teddies, garter belts, and corsets can be top choices in lingerie for this body shape. You may also try a high-leg panty or thong combined with lace bras.

For triangle body shape

People with broader hips are at a rage now, probably due to the changing lifestyles of people. This is what characterizes triangle body shape. In triangle body type people, your hips may wider than your shoulders. The whole idea of trying lingerie is to make this body type look more proportionate and balanced. You can try a lacy negligee too with a triangle body shape, which can taut your breasts and also flow down smoothly around the hips to look great. Wearing a bustier is also a wonderful option in order to draw more attention to the breasts. You may also try a very matching set of panties and ruffled bra, or a find fit bandeau bra which can make feel your shoulder and hips leveled.

For rectangle body shape

If you maintain a flat athletic figure, which doesn’t have any fine defined curves, then you may be featuring a rectangular body. For this, search at babeappeal.com for something that cinches at your waist, with which trying corsets may be one best choice. Wearing it can add more curves to your body, and it also looks more sensuous. If you feature a long torso, then try a teddy or garter belt, which will further look great on your body. You may also get your breasts to accentuate by trying some push-up bras combined with bustier lingerie.

For inverted triangle body shape

Just opposite to the triangle shaped body, the inverted triangle shape will have broader shoulders compared to hip. It is your personal preference to choose the best lingerie type of body shape. However, trying halter necks may be ideal for inverted triangle shaped people. If you feature a flatter bum, then try a teddy which will take away attention towards it. A bralette can also be tried paring with a matching thong or lace panty to have a sexy appeal. It is also advisable to go for matching cami sets if you want to achieve a tame look.

For round body type

If you feature a rounded waist with your upper body and torso being wider than the hips, then you feature a round body. With this, you need some lingerie which will make your body look more proportionate. A negligee will also hide your waistline chunks and can also fine define your bust line. Wearing a teddy will sit well on round body type people. For the novice lingerie wearers, trying a pair of satin or chemises will be an interesting experience. They have an appeal and give you proper coverage too.

Different lingerie types available

Garter Belt

It may look a bit complicated, but not actually is. This is a perfect thing to consider at least once in life if you love lingerie. This is a combination of a corset and panty with straps holding up the stockings.


Camisoles are the most practical and functional choices in lingerie. Fully laced camisoles with matching panty can give you a stunning and intimate look. This is a must-have in a women’s wardrobe.

Matching set

If you are fashion conscious, it is good to keep a few matching sets in the wardrobe. There is something highly sensual about considering matching sets based on your moods. These may be a bit heavy on the pocket, but fully worth the spend.


Corsets help reduce your waist size and camouflage the bulges. They have lace ties which will enhance your figure and give a proper definition to your body. You can wear corsets like regular tops or can cover it using a see-through dress which won’t take away the looks.


Teddy is something like wearing a swimsuit. It can be felt like a fusion of a pleasurable cami or a smooth bra and panty. You can get it in a two-piece design made with satin, lace, leather, or lycra. They are not padded and will have good underwire support.

While choosing lingerie, remember everybody is unique, and there is never a one-fit-all option to choose. You, like a special person, require personal attention, indulgence, and pampering. So, be well aware of your body shape and your comfort level to pick the right piece in the puzzle.