Escorted Holidays: Great Ideas for a Honeymoon

To leave for a paradise destination after your marriage, this is the dream of every young married couple. A honeymoon trip is a project that deserves to be realized because newlyweds must relax before starting their life together. Privileged destinations are numerous and the countries that offer nice trip prospects are many.

Are you recently married and looking for the perfect type of holiday; Chances are you will find many different packages and ideas that will suit your needs. One of those ideas that perhaps you have never considered or thought of as lame is booking for your honeymoon an escorted holiday to your ideal destination. There are many reasons and advantages why you should consider such a holiday. We will present you with few of the most important reasons why this would be a great idea.

Escorted holidays: a cheap alternative

Honeymoon trips and packages available in the market tend to be very expensive or even overpriced. This is not the case, though, with escorted holidays offering a comprehensive, all-included package. Usually, within an escorted holiday package, meals, accommodation, travel expenses along with excursions and sometimes tourist guides are included.

Additionally, since the market is dominated by escort holiday providers, there is strong competition among them, something that keeps prices relatively low and quality of the utmost level. There are many such companies and providers to choose from, offering many different packages and experiences. One of this companies is Mercury and you can find anything you need about Mercury online.

Comfort and ease, all in one package

Chances are that after your wedding the last thing you want to organize is your honeymoon trip and sitting down to book tickets, accommodation as well as research where you will go and what you will see. Sometimes, you might find that you have no more energy left to plan something this as well. Thankfully, another reason why you should prefer and choose an escort holiday package is that there is not much planning involved.

The provider usually offers you and books you the accommodation, the tickets, the food as well as any extras you might need in your trip. All you have to do is relax, follow their carefully crafted itinerary and schedule and have fun. This is, actually, one of the main reasons why many people choose such packages. They are cheaper, all-inclusive and take your mind away from having to plan and schedule your honeymoon trip.

Escorted holiday: don’t miss out

Another reason why we think that escorted holidays are ideal for honeymoon trips is that often they are planned and designed by companies and people that know the destination you will be traveling inside-out. They will provide you with all the small tips and tricks, the hidden corners you need definitely to visit as well as with all the local activities that would have never found on your own online.

Forget about long queues at museums and waiting in line to see your favorite play or to eat at that nice restaurant. They have everything booked and laid out for you so you don’t miss out on all the cool things you should be doing at your honeymoon. Most times, also, the escorted holiday package contains a guide well-versed in the history, the sights and the cool places and areas that you need to visit. Sometimes, those guides are locals, something plus that will give you an additional feel of the area. All you have to do yourself is sit back, relax and enjoy your time with your wife or husband before your together life starts.