Reasons Why You Can’t Find a Decent Girlfriend

Let’s say you’re a good guy who knows his way around women. But for some reason, dating doesn’t go too well for you. Maybe you have it all: good looks, charisma, a nice job, and the natural ability to be a gentleman. And still, pretty single girls seem to flee from you. There are several reasons why this happens. And not everything is your fault here.

1. You seek for girls in wrong places

I doubt that a woman who wants serious commitment will go to a club to find a husband. The same goes for Tinder and similar apps. Yes, of course, there are some rare cases when people just happen to be in a certain location, for example, with friends. But you still need to change the tactics and start finding people in places you like to be in. For example, why don’t you meet girls at theme parties, festivals, or friends meetings?


2. You come across as too serious

Maybe you are aimed for a serious relationship, marriage, and kids, but there is no need to share it during your first date (especially if you don’t know each other that well). Don’t be that desperate and clingy. Don’t take it too fast. First, you need to get to know each other, then you can think about starting a family. Girls are scared of guys who want to get married on a first date and talk about kids. Paradoxically, but not only guys are afraid of commitment.

3. You seem stuck up

Maybe you are so serious and self-conscious that you want to compensate it by looking tough and snappy. But all people see is you being conceited. One thing is knowing your coolness, but projecting it on other people by intimidating them is another thing. Make sure you don’t come across as too self-absorbed, try to be simpler.

4. You seem too perfect

Girls can be scared of you by proximity. When you look and act perfectly, they can be intimidated. Girls are just scared you will reveal all of their insecurities, and after all, you’ll break up. They want to start a relationship as equal players and see a normal human being with mild flaws. If you look unattainable she will feel unworthy of this relationship and back down.

5. Your career is less bright

Yes, these are the small things that don’t matter that much. But still, some women want a man to be the main breadwinner, staying by the side and not taking so much responsibility. This works both ways because often guys don’t like girls who are too successful.

6. You have a type

Don’t you have a feeling all of your exes are somewhat similar? Maybe they behave or look the same? If the answer is positive than I know what is your problem. You just have a type. It’s neither good nor bad. You’ll just be stuck in a neverending circle of patterns that won’t leave you for years until you decide to break it and find an unexpected type. Try to date a woman who isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe you didn’t pay attention or were too scared to approach this type of girl? It’s a chance to take a risk.

7. You don’t know how to talk to women

Maybe you are rich, successful, and handsome, but just don’t know how to approach a girl you like. You don’t know how to make a woman interested, how to behave during a date, which courtesy moves to choose, what to tell her, what gifts to give. And, most importantly, maybe you don’t know when it’s time to stop talking.

8. You haven’t found your destiny

Yes, maybe you just haven’t found a girl who’s meant for you. I believe that we all have a soul mate in this life, waiting for us. Maybe the Universe tries to keep you away from mistakes and wrong relationships, saving that dessert for last. Anyway, it’s worth waiting for it.