Festival Looks To Rock This Summer

Festival season is back with a BANG! Finally, I mean seriously … We waited long enough. While couch festivals were the only way we got through quarantine it feels amazing to get back into the wild and be a part of the magic in person again. 

Getting back out there means finding the perfect festival outfits for each day of the fest! I Heart Raves is the easiest way to find quality festival outfits at a reasonable price. Because let’s face it… we are going to multiple fests this year and we need a unique look for every day.

Here are some fun festival looks inspired by the zodiac!


Fire sign 

Bold, Ambitious, Competitive 

Obviously the Aries girl is going to want to make a statement! What better way to do that than in a**less chaps!! Try a pink paisley pair. Wear it with some platform boots, a hot harness, and some sassy pasties. Add a cute pink cowgirl hat for an extra kick. If you’re feeling crafty you could even add your own sparkly embellishments. 


Earth Sign 

Serene, Relaxed, Sensory 

When not on the dance floor our Taurus lady is most likely to be found simmering in the sound bath or sampling the many snacks the festie food stalls have to offer. Comfort and ease of movement is essential so try out a sexy high waisted booty short with a harness accent. Then when it cools off at night pop on some fun and cozy joggers to stay cozy until the sun comes out. Pair with a simple black bikini top and a funky hoodie to effortlessly go from day to night. 


Air Sign 

Spontaneous, Playful, Curious

This sign was meant for the festival. Plus, we all love to embrace our inner gemini when exploring the fest with our festie bestie! Why not go all the way and be gemini queens for the day. Embrace the twin energy with your best girl or your partner. Find  cute and playful festival outfits that match but are just different enough to stay spontaneous. Pick a theme for the whole crew to play with! Twinning possibilities are endless 


Water Sign 

Intuitive, Psychic, Protective

Every festival crew has their rave mom who knows what everyone needs exactly when they need it: chapsticks, eye drops, sunscreen – Our Cancer queen embodies the rave mom aesthetic and her festival outfit should too. She’ll be looking hot in her mini skirt and combat boots; but her fanny pack is essential. How else will she keep her hands free to dance while providing her festie family with all the essentials they need?


Fire Sign 

Theatrical, Vivacious, Dramatic

Our Leo baby is the King or Queen of the jungle and obviously needs a festival outfit fit for royalty. This fun and flirty festival outfit comes in multiple colors and features just the right amount of drama sure to spark a fire on the dancefloor. 


Earth Sign 

Busy, Systematic, Diligent 

Every festie squad needs a virgo in their group to keep the energy organized. Our virgo leader will make sure there is a plan so no one misses a single set! Her fit is sexy, a little innocent, and just practical enough to stand out. Pair this fun and groovy halter with matching bell bottoms for an easy breezy look. 


Air Sign 

Balanced, Harmony, Romantic

The libra in your festival crew will help keep your head in the clouds all weekend long. Dress her in a sexy blue bikini with a sheer oversized sky colored t-shirt. Add a little harness for some sex appeal – and to keep your air queen from floating away. 


Water Sign 

Emotional, Wise, Physical 

The scorpio in your group will be fluid on the dance floor and spouting their wise discoveries for everyone to enjoy all festival long. Their festival look should allow them to connect with themselves so they can share their emotional wisdom. Try this cute skater skirt with its fun psychedelic pattern. Perfect for twirling on the dance floor. 


Fire Sign 

High Spirited, Adventurous, Knowledgeable 

Keep an eye on the sagittarius in your crew because her quest for knowledge and spirit for adventure may cause her to wander away from the group. She should wear something eye-catching like this rainbow reflective bodysuit. Day or night she’s sure to stand out in the crowd.  


Earth Sign 

Patient and Dedicated

Our Capricorn will probably be very involved in the workshops any festival has to offer. She is who you want to turn to when you have a hard time setting up camp upon arrival and who to talk to when things aren’t quite going your way. She’ll look fabulous in this psychedelic mushroom inspired bell bottom set.


Air sign 

Revolutionary, Progressive, Healing 

Our darling aquarius is the one you turn to when you are ready to do something different, shake it up, and have some psychic healing energy come through. Her best festival outfit would be a sexy holographic alien look featuring a fun skirt, fabulous underwire bra, and finished with her kandi collection. 


Water Sign 

Intuitive, Empathetic, Sensitive 

Your lovely pisces often feels torn between reality and fantasy. This is why she thrives in the world you all create together at the festival. Her festival look changes based on her moods. She probably packed a hundred things and is going to mix them together day by day for the perfect ensemble. She’s the friend whose festival outfit stash you raid to find the last minute accessories you forgot to pack, and she’s always happy to share.