Five Doggy Trends for Your Modern Mutt to Follow in 2021

Modern pet owners are starting to go the extra mile for their furry friends and some interesting trends are beginning to emerge.

Dog owners are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and are using that to their advantage. At the same time, a growing awareness of environmental issues means many people are also looking for natural ways to care for their pups.

Four-legged friends are being viewed as members of the family and this is being reflected in what people are purchasing for their pets.

If you are interested in what is happening at the cutting edge of canine care, read on to discover the top trends right now.

Furry fashion

Fashion-conscious pet owners are now wanting their pooches to be as trendy as they are. Gone are the days where a simple dog coat would do, now you can find anything from a rain mac to a roll-neck sweater.

Even dog harnesses have received an upgrade and now come in a huge range of patterns and designs so you can match the dog’s leash with your outfit to add a little style to your daily walks.

Discerning diet

If you are a dog owner in 2021 you will likely be paying much closer attention to what you are feeding your pet than people have done previously.

While some are still selecting from whatever is available at the local store, many are being rather more choosey about what goes in the dog bowl.

Natural ingredients and a good balance of food types are now on the menu for hungry hounds and people are looking for products that offer ingredients such as grains, real meat, fish, and other foodstuffs they would have naturally hunted for.

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Pampered pooches

Dog grooming has come a long way from a simple shampoo and claw clipping. Nowadays it is not unusual to see fur coloring, paw massages, and holistic therapies among the lists of treatments.

It’s no longer just about how the dog looks but how it feels too; the modern pooch is definitely getting more pampered.

Pet portraits

From simple pencil drawings to colorful caricatures to all-out oil paintings, pet owners are immortalizing their furry companions in more artistic ways than the quick snapshots people used to treasure.

Pet portraits are the new way to demonstrate your love for your dog and have a lasting memory of your four-legged friend.

Savvy shopping

As technology takes over it’s opening up opportunities for pet owners to be savvier with their spending.

The internet has made researching what is best for your dog much easier and means you are no longer restricted to the products that are available in your area.

People are spending more time finding out about the very best foods, treats, toys, and accessories and can now purchase them from virtually anywhere in the world.

So, it seems that pets have never had it so good with these precious pooches receiving the very best in food, treatments, and love from their doting owners who truly view them as important members of the family.