PG Room Decor Tips That Are Guaranteed To Improve Your Mood

Your room says a lot about you. It’s a glimpse into your personality and your lifestyle. But it’s not just a canvas for you to live your life in. Your environment can also have an impact on your feelings and mood. That’s right, the way you decorate your room in a PG in Kharadi can actually impact your emotions and stress levels. And with the lockdown and study or work from home becoming your new norm, you spend more time than ever indoors at your paying guest accommodation. So, it’s really important to play to your strengths and choose a decor that can have a positive effect on you. We’ve got a list of room decor tips that will actually improve your mood and help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.


Look, we know that PG rooms aren’t exactly the most spacious, but you have to work with what you’ve got. And to make the most of your space, the one thing you need to do is compartmentalise. Your bed might have to multitask as a sofa and a study table at times, but you can ensure that you’ve got a folding desk stacked with all your study materials for times when you have to hit the books, or a designated exercise corner in your room. By keeping your belongings in their respective ‘compartments’ or zones, it’ll be easy to stay organised and keep yourself on track. Whenever you need to study, you know you just need to unfold your desk and its contents. Or if you want a quick workout, simply fetch your yoga mat and sneakers from your workout zone. Having designated areas will help you mentally associate them with the tasks you need to complete, making it easier to focus.

Choose the right light

Lighting can make a huge difference on your mood. If your room has only one dull bulb or stark white tubelight, you won’t find it to be an inviting space you can feel comfortable in. Instead, you want the lights in your room to be warm and welcoming, creating the kind of ambiance you can enjoy. Go ahead and replace the old-fashioned bulbs with brighter LEDs or pick out some beautiful lamps that match your vibe. Or go the classic dorm room route and string up some fairy lights. You’ll be amazed by the difference this small step can make towards improving your room decor and your mood at the same time.

Go green

If you’ve always wanted to become a plant parent, we’re here to encourage you. Adding some plants to your room decor will not only brighten up the colours in your space but have a positive effect on the air quality too. Plus, studies have shown that taking a break from screens by looking at plants and greenery can actually ease eyestrain and leave you feeling calmer. Taking care of your plants everyday will foster a sense of responsibility in you and help you find more meaning in your life too.

DIY an accent wall

The issue with most PGs is that their rooms are usually a drab white colour. And PG landlords usually don’t allow you to paint the walls or make major changes. But living in a blank room for long periods of time can leave you feeling tired and isolated. So, you can DIY an accent wall for yourself by purchasing some contact paper on Amazon. These are easy to peel sheets that work like wallpaper and can be used to cover any flat surfaces. You can choose a solid colour or a pattern of your choice. Opting for a bright colour like yellow or a pattern that you really like will help take the decor of your room to a new level, and leave you feeling happier every time you look at it. Of course, if you’re living in a professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living, you won’t need to DIY accent walls for yourself, as their rooms are already brightly coloured and well-designed, with pinboards ready for you to personalise.

And these are the quick and easy room decor tips that can take you and your room from feeling drab to fab. Try them out and give your PG the makeover it needs. You’ll absolutely love the difference it makes to your room and how much happier you feel staying in it.