Five Factors to Consider when Choosing a Restaurant/Bar

Even though the main reason we people go to a restaurant to eat, choosing where to have your meal or drink goes a long way than just getting the most delicious meal or the perfect cocktail.

Now, some of the simple things we overlook when choosing a café have a long-lasting effect, and you may live to dread going back to that restaurant.

So, before you leap into any café or bar, consider these factors;

1) Menu

The menu should not only be a checklist to know the available meals. You need to go deeper. For instance, if you are taking the whole family out, check if the meals fit everyone so that no one will be left hungry because the food served wasnt vegan, Chinese or whatever they prefer.

OfCourse there are walk in places where you will get anything. For instance some cafes in Queenstown, specialize in a variety of foods and drinks they have loved while travelling around the world. So you might be lucky to get anything here.

But it doesn’t hurt to find out ahead of time. Just counter check the available cuisines to get your best pick.

2) Customer Service

Do you want to go to a restaurant that seems to be interested in your money and not your satisfaction? Unfortunately, some cafes and bars are like this.

If you notice an unfriendly attitude with a waiter, that should be a red light. How do you notice a waiter’s attitude before you even visit the cafe? By reading the reviews. Some of the best places to get honest reviews on food and travel is TripAdvisor and Google.

3) Location

To a few, the location of the favorite bar/ restaurant does not matter. I remember I once drove for 1hr all the way from my hotel room just be at some of the most prestigious bars in Queenstown where I took the best teapot cocktail I have ever had.

However, not everyone has the time to spend another fifty dollars for a cab. A nearby restaurant is just fine.

If you are into your favorite place so much, driving two hours to your bar/café is not a big deal. On the other hand, if you want a quick meal to counter-attack your hunger pangs, the nearby restaurant is okay with you.

So make sure you check for location before you make your plans.

4) Hygiene

My Mum always told us that the cleanliness of a home is determined by how clean the toilet is. And that applies to restaurants as well.

The hygiene of a café or restaurant is not limited to the food alone. The food may appear clean, cooked well, and delicious while the restrooms are filthy messes.

If that’s the case then you might enjoy your meal but walk out with a running stomach.
So before you book a table, you can head straight to the restrooms and check the condition to see if they get commercial cleaning Sydney. If the restroom is clean, then be confident enough to gobble down your meal without worries.

5) Overall Outlook

The saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” does not apply to restaurants. For a restaurant or bar you have to judge a book by its cover. You have to look at the ambiance, architectural design, internal and external décor, and the general atmosphere.

Under this category, you don’t just choose a restaurant without any goal. For instance, the restaurant must resonate with your reason for going there. For example, if you are going for a romantic dinner, the décor should try to be on par with the occasion.

Bottom line

A café or a bar does more than just getting rid of your hunger or giving you your favorite drink. Besides, you need to feel pampered and soothed while enjoying a deliciously cooked meal or sipping your favorite drink. This is what a good café or bar is all about.