4 Things to Pack When Heading to New Zealand

Are you planning to travel to the land of Kiwi birds? I know you are excited, who wouldn’t be? New Zealand is the 3rd most beautiful country in the world with breathtaking green hills, crystal clear waters and out of the world stunning beauty.

You may have already sorted out your Christchurch campervan hire for the trip, but don’t let the excitement overtake you before you pack, because you might not enjoy your trip if you don’t equip yourself enough to explore the country.

Parking is always a daunting task, and you can find yourself pants down if you are not prepared.

This should not happen, and that’s the purpose for this guide. We have compiled five must-have things that will complete the fun before you hit the road.

1) New Zealand Guidebook

If it’s your first time visiting the country, whether you’re going to visit Auckland or glenorchy new zealand, then this is the first thing you should put on your list.

There are many places to visit, but you can be limited if you don’t have accurate information. Guidebooks come in handy as you can plan early on the sites you want to visit, know their directions, and get the easiest way to get there. It saves time and unnecessary expenses.

Also, you’ll get to know more about the country, it’s people, the’ culture etc..

2) Hiking Shoes

New Zealand is a hiking destination with numerous outdoor activities like camping. You don’t want to carry with you some sport shoes that cannot keep up with the terrain.

Hiking shoes prevent your heels from getting injured during the hours you are walking outside. Also, they give you a comfortable time; hence, you will not be dead-beat tired by the end of the day.

Look for those sneakers that are waterproof, tough, and comfortable to your feet.

3) Rain Jacket

New Zealand weather changes very fast. One moment it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey and the next minute it’s Indian summer.

You have to be prepared for such drastic changes, more so in the Wanganui area. If you happen to sleep at the motels Wanganui, at the banks of Wanganui River (so much beauty to see here) carry a packable rain jacket.

Around the river, rain falls at any time.

4) Water Bottle

Let’s face it- you are going to be hyped with too much activity as you maneuver around this beautiful country.

You are likely to get dehydrated faster. During one of those rides on Epic Rental Cars Whangarei, you can pull over at a mountainside and fetch fresh water from one of the pure mountain streams and enjoy nature water.

You will need a bottle for this.