How Beyonce Boosts Her Productivity and 4 Unbeatable Ways You Can Do the Same

Beyonce is the Queen of productivity and even though I don’t shout it from the rooftops, I’m sure you are all nodding in agreement.

This millionaire Mama runs Businesses and gives killer performances while wiggling her body like she’s boneless, she an actress, a wife, a mother, and the list goes on…

One of her golden tips for being this productive of course is that she hires a professional team to put things together for her. So if you can afford to assign tasks, then go ahead and start hiring but if you can’t, hang on, there are lots of other ways you can stay productive and achieve stuff every day.

Productivity is all about achieving more in less time without compromising on quality. According to this business coach in Christchurch, everyone feels comfortable, inspired, and unstoppable when they are on top.

For them to reach here, though, they’ve fought and conquered numerous uphill battles.
Before you get ways to leverage your productivity, getting to know from which context you’ll skin this cat is your first step.

For instance, you may have to look intently on your time management, understand your high and low peak hours, or get to know the effect of those you relate with on your quest to achieve your goals.
So let’s get right to it. Here are 4 ways to unlock your productivity.

1. Do what you love

Beyonce agrees with me on this one. She explained in this BBC article how she can multitask between numerous careers and yet win awards for it using the same 24 hours that you and I get each day.

Finding meaning in what you do is your first win. Ask questions like, is this helping me? Am I doing this job for money or personal fulfillment? What am I aiming for in the long run?

These questions put the puzzles together to reveal your true self. If whatever you are doing has a promising positive end, then you are on the right track. If not, you better go back to the drawing board earlier.

2. Start with the most dreaded tasks on your Peak hours

Melissa a well-respected tattoo artist known for her tattoo removal in Christchurch says that she always gives out appointments for clients looking for light-colored tattoos during her peak hours because these are the hardest tattoos to make.

We, humans, tend to get bored when we do the hard things, when we work on the same thing repetitively or when our brain becomes fatigued which according to life coaches is between 2 pm and 3 pm.

Over time, we lose interest and ultimately dread every moment we have to do the task again.

A working hack to counter-attack boredom is to do the task when you are active. For instance, if your peak hours are in the morning, begin with the “monotonous” tasks. Do the same if your peak hours are in the evening or night time, whatever suits you.

You can then proceed to do the other tasks once you’ve handled the hard ones. With time, you’ll revive your lost interest.

3. Stick to single-tasking

Not everyone is a jack of all trades. Even if you are, remember that your productivity is at stake here. The human brain can only give out 100% per task.

If you multitask, chances are that the output will be less presentable as multitasking reduces it by 40%. Take your time to do the best before you proceed to something else.

4. Plan early

Organization is king. You don’t want to wake up in the morning and pounce on the first task you come across. Those that win take 75% of their time strategizing and 25% optimizing.

Before you go to sleep, a to-do list should be on your bedside. Write down what you need to do the following day and their duration.

However, the list should not be flooded with activities that you aren’t sure of, three of four are okay. They should also be realistic and workable.

Parting shot:

Now that you’ve gone one step ahead by reading this article, the next step is to begin practicing these tips. Or do you have some productivity tips that are working for you? Let’s share in the comments.