Fruit Machine Slot Symbols: How did they come About?

Whether you are a punter, a high roller, a low better or the occasional gambler, one thing you can all agree on is the prolific abundance of fruit machine slot symbols and how much joy they can bring us.

From the classic Brucey Bonuses, winning Watermelons, and Lucky 7s which have brought a big better like you innumerable wins, to the simple Cherries, Gold Bars, and Four Leafed Clovers, the King Casino slot symbols have cast satisfying success to any money making magician – you included!

The question begs, why are these casino slot icons everywhere and how have they stuck around for so long?

Where did our Favourite Slot Icons come from?

The online slot game is one that brings back nostalgia and joy for many, for those remembering the sound of coins rushing out the fruit machine, online casino games represent exactly that same feeling whilst being in the comfort of your own home.

We do not want some smelly pub grub spilling their drink all over your humungous jackpot!

These beloved slot game symbols came about due to an unlikely cause: Chewing Gum! Here is how:

  • On an old gum dispensary, pulling the leaver and seeing ‘Bar’ come up would simply mean a dispense of standard chewing gum
  • Pulling the leaver and seeing fruit appear, such as the classic ‘Watermelon’, ‘Lemon’, ‘Cherry’, etc. would mean a dispense of that flavour of gum!
  • ‘Bonus’ and ‘Bell’, to select a few family favourites, would later be added into the slot game to add a bonus feature so that you get to win more

So, it all started with gum and transposed to slot machines and further to online slot games, which is exactly why you get that giddy nostalgic feeling when pulling the leaver on your favourite casino game – and as good as gum is, a big fish like you knows all too well that the real prize is even better.

Why have these Slot Symbols Stuck Around for so Long?

History writes it as the following timeline:

  1. Gum dispensaries for kids, allow a gambling edge on what flavour you get – ‘start ‘em young’ must have been the old way of thinking
  2. This transposes to physical slot machine games where the real bucks are made
  3. Physical goes online to your preferred online casino site
  4. This sticks around because of the simplicity, accessibility, attractive aesthetic, and nostalgia of the slot symbols – and we would not have it any other way!

So why change a thing, when all your favourite online slot games are using the symbols, that we have learned to love and learned how to master, are spinning win after win for you.

When it truly comes down to it, the simplicity of a symbol that has brought so many so much joy, looking at you over there behind your stack of coins (!), is there any need to change? We hope that you love them just as much as we do.