Fun Goodies To Hand Out At A Party

If you are having a party at your home, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or Halloween party, it is not good to send your guests home empty-handed. Give them a bag full of fun goodies, and see the happiness on your guest’s faces. 

Even though you serve your best platters with decorated tables and barbecue grills, your party will remain ordinary. But party favors will bring spice to your treat, as they are said to be the traditional accouterments for various occasions. So we are here with several ideas of goodies that you can give to your guests at the house party. 

Cookies And Cupcakes

Cookies act as a staple in the goodie bag at the house party. Sweet candies and toffees are not good for kids’ health. Thus you must replace loads of candies with customized cookies or cupcakes. Both kids and adults are fond of Custom fortune cookies and cupcakes, especially wrapped in elegant bags or boxes. You can buy them from your nearby bakery or even can make them at home with nuts, fruits, and choco bars. 

A Story Book 

Scholastic often offers its guests an amazing collection of books or a single book. You can also serve them one, according to their age groups. You can choose any book like The Art Of Happiness or The Great Gatsby. Moreover, try to find a book that matches your party theme or is based on a life lesson. If not, you can gift your guests according to their tastes. 

Game Items

You can easily keep teens or adults entertained with various indoor games or by doing exciting activities at your house party. Arrange some mini board games, paddleball games, a pack of cards, or even slide puzzles, and Uno cards will do your job. This idea of gaming is not only enjoyable but also creates lots of memories with your friends and families. 

Cosmetic Goodies For Lady Guests 

For ladies, fun goodies and party favors are an endless option. Gifting girls is something that should be nicely taken care of. So while assembling bags or boxes for ladies, you can include certain items: 

  • Lipstick
  • Small manicure or pedicure kit
  • Perfume
  • Eating
  • Eye glitters
  • Spiraled lovely diary 
  • Dolls (for girl child)

Thrilling Goodies For Boys

Buying gifts for boys can be harder than buying gifts for girls. Boys often become happy with small gifts, only when it is useful to them Just kidding! There are various gift options for boys to fill their bags or boxes. They can be: 

  • Comic or adventure books
  • Colorful stones
  • Small footballs or cricket bats (for a boy child) 
  • Sports bottle
  • Marvel Keychains
  • Hot cocoa mix 

These gift options will help you be dear to your guests. Give these children a handful of candy apples, lollipops, or snacks, and let them enjoy the music set at your home. Do remember to keep your budget in mind and make a delightful choice of goodies to give your guests so that everyone will be pleased with your gifts.