Are Online Marriages Legal? 8 Things You Need To Know

Online weddings can be just as real as real-life weddings. Some reasons most people have opted for this option are because of distance barriers, lockdown boundaries, and social gathering limitations posed by the COVID-19 prevention protocols.

Online weddings are legal in many countries, including the Philippines. Aside from the safety measures, people wed online to save costs, and also to provide ease and convenience for guests.

If you’re one of those who are considering having an online wedding but are completely clueless if it’s legal or someone who just doesn’t have the slightest idea on how to go about planning it. This article aims to answer all of the questions regarding online wedding legalities and highlights some of the information you need to know about online marriage.

What Is An Online Marriage?

An online or virtual wedding is a type of marriage ceremony that allows couples to be joined through a video call. Depending on the law guiding marriages in a state, an online marriage could require the bride and groom to be physically present but have the officiant, parents, and guests stream live from wherever they are. One of the primary reasons why online marriages are being embraced is due to the COVID-19 protocols.

Are Online Marriages Legal?

There’s no straight yes or no answer to this question. Online marriages are legal in some states but not approved by the law in others. A typical example of countries where online marriages are considered legal in the Philippines. In November 2021, the committee on the revision of laws approved the substitute bill for online weddings. 

Things You Need To Know About Online Marriage

Planning to have an online wedding? Here are a few things to know before you get started:

  • You Can Invite As Many Guests As You Want

Were you planning on having a large physical wedding where your old friends, classmates, relatives, and colleagues would attend? An online wedding still has you covered. You can invite as many guests as you want.  All they have to do is connect and celebrate with you.

  • You Can’t Have An Online Marriage Without A  Marriage License

Wedding online doesn’t rule out certification. Getting a marriage certificate is proof that you’re legally married to your husband or wife. Depending on what state you’re in, there may be provisions for certificates to be obtained online. If not, head to the authorized office and get a certificate for your union.

  • You Can Deliver Food/Gifts To Your Guest’s Homes

A few hours before the ceremony, you can deliver your wedding food and gifts to your guests. You can also make the deliveries after the occasion. If you can, you can craft personalized messages for each person you’re sending food/gifts to. That’ll make the event more memorable and personalized.

  • Family And Friends Who Have Gifts For You Can Deliver It To Your Home

Just like you delivered gifts to your loved ones, they too can send their gifts to you at home. An online wedding doesn’t stop the joy from going around.

  • You Can Invite Entertainers To Stream Live

Get your favorite musician, comedian, or celebrity on the hook. They can set up a decorated stage or perform from wherever they are, depending on what you want. Online weddings can be full of fun and dance like any other physical wedding receptions.

  • Set Your Wedding Time To Accommodate Different Time Zones

If most of your guests are using the Pacific Standard Time (PST), you may consider adjusting your wedding schedule to fit into everyone’s time zone, so you can have enough family and friends to share the moment with.

  • Get High-Quality Gadgets 

You want your online wedding to be as natural as possible. The gadgets that will contribute to have that includes:

  • High-definition camera: Needed for streaming, which ensures that every detail of your dress, make-up, and cake is clearly captured.
  • Lapel microphones: you can go for other options, but this may be more convenient, especially when it’s time to kiss the bride. You don’t want anything to obstruct your romantic move.
  • A strong Wi-Fi service: This ensures that you don’t get disconnected from your guest during the wedding ceremony.

You can even hire photographers to capture romantic moments from different angles.

  • Make The Occasion Unique With A Wedding Dress Code

Online weddings don’t stop you from owning your day. Pick a wedding color, send out fabrics, and get your guests looking like they’re really a part of this glorious moment. You can also encourage all your guests to dress up according to the wedding’s theme.  


Online weddings are legal in some states or countries, although they’re not supported in others. If you’re living in a state or country that has approved such and you’re planning on having your own online wedding, this post will definitely come in handy in planning your once-in-a-lifetime union with the love of your life.