Sport and CBD: a winning combination … and the common myths about CBD and hemp!

Even though the World Anti Doping Agency has strictly prohibited the use of cannabinoids, this is not entirely true and is not for all products based on CBD.

We have already insisted that CBD is now legal in Europe and the UK, and many articles and experts, such as at, are explaining the new legal situation, as you can find: here.

Although there are still few studies regarding the sports sector, there are few athletes and sportsmen who, for relaxation and to find a bit of calm during training and competitions, have identified CBD as an ally to combine with classic supplements and balanced meals.

CBD is a substance already present in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, it has no psychotropic effect but instead guarantees a pleasant sensation of relaxation for the body muscles and the mind.

The different forms currently present on the market of the products belonging to the CBD and cannabis light used by sports enthusiasts is undoubtedly the CBD oil obtained by the mining operations and innovative mixing.

Obtainable with a purity higher than 99%, to have detectable effects, typically, a few drops are needed under the tongue twice a day.

Different types of CBD oil differ according to the concentration, ranging from 5% up to 30%, passing through 10% and 15% and so on.

Unlike steroids or other similar substances, with CBD, there is no strengthening effect but only relaxation to find the right concentration.

A tangible example is an increase found in sportspeople who use this product to reduce nervousness, relieve pain and finally obtain a more comfortable rest at night.

In addition to this, it should not be forgotten that recent studies have found beneficial effects on other ailments such as headache, stomach pain, dermatosis, and the like.

Common myths about CBD cannabis 

Since the law entered into force concerning cannabis light (in some European countries, there has been an increase in legal points of sale, both physical and online, of hemp and derivative products.

Despite this, however, there is always a certain distrust towards this natural plant.

Like any other plant, cannabis can produce negative as well as positive effects.

Depending on the use, type, and quantity of hemp, the effects can vary significantly.

However, the adverse effects, which represent the most common places this plant undergoes, are in reality not very widespread even among regular consumers.

Except for the effect of hunger that may occur, there are many myths to dispel about cannabis, especially regarding cannabis light that precisely, rather than negative, its effects are positive enough to be used in some cases. Also, in the therapeutic field (always following the instructions provided by a doctor).

With cannabis light, hemp / CBD, it is possible to treat symptoms of stress and anxiety, as well as depression, thanks to a large amount of CBD present, which creates a relaxing effect.

Of course, we are talking about certified European CBD cannabis, which can be purchased online and not illegal marijuana.

With the illegal one, you will not be able to have any guarantee either on its quality or on its type or processing, in addition to the fact of the high presence of THC, which is the cannabidiol that produces all the psychotropic effects that make the plant prohibited.

It is the main difference when it comes to legal cannabis and illegal cannabis.

As mentioned, if you suffer from a particularly painful disease at an advanced stage, a doctor may propose to use legal cannabis to alleviate these ailments.

We are not talking about the cure that leads to recovery but essentially about alleviating, in numerous instances, the worst symptoms of the disease.

CBD cannabis that you can legally buy at can also counteract, in some cases, pain and inflammation of a milder and more moderate nature.