Ways to Quit Smoking in 2022

Before we learn about ways to quit smoking, its extremely important to understand the root cause of why you started smoking. Some of the top reasons people start smoking is:

  1. Peer Pressure – Often teenagers and people in their late teens come across peers from their social groups that are chain smokers who encourage them to try and creates an unhealthy space where the person somehow feels compelled to start smoking.
  2. Parental Influence – The child replicates whatever he/she sees at home. When smoking is an acceptable behavior at home, or a part of routine in your parent’s life. Children often look up to their parents and they imitate what they see from a young age.
  3. Stress – This could be one of the most common a lot of people I personally know start smoking. This is often an illusion of escaping reality. The nicotine in cigarettes have an extremely addictive element which creates a sensation of being relaxed. The person creates invisible connection between your neurons and these chemicals. 
  4. Genetics – There has been studies where a pattern of smoking addiction within the family line causes the future generations to be more susceptible to be smokers.

Something extremely important to analyze is why is it so difficult to quit smoking? 

  1. Nicotine – It’s the main ingredient to make up a cigarette and has a variety of harmful effects. Disregarding the many reasons that do make people continue to smoke, nicotine is the most difficult reason to quit when a smoker genuinely wants to. Some fast facts about nicotine that would help you understand the issues and overcome them, Nicotine is just as hard as heroin to give up, so you need to gather ample amount of self-control. It is extremely difficult to quit smoking cold turkey, only 4% – 7% of people succeed in this method. 
  2. Mental Triggers – One of the reasons that makes it so hard to completely quit is due to old habits that most smokers have. People tend to have a routine they follow on day-to-day basis, whether consciously or subconsciously. This can be recognized in the small things like smoking after food, drinking it with chai, or whenever they crave to do so. Other psychological triggers have to do with the mood of a smoker, this is usually the time when a smoker decides to go for a cigarette. For example, if a person smokes feels anxious about any kind of situation, they have a coping mechanism of smoking when they do feel that emotion, they have created an emotional and mental bond with the feeling you achieve from smoking. Furthermore, if a person is trying to quit, they will experience what is known as withdrawal symptoms. 

Some of the approaches to quit smoking:

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  2. Prescription Pills – This is an option you can resort you in the scenario that you are finding it extremely difficult to this on your own. You might be needing professional help, these pills help you ease the withdrawal symptoms, cope with depression or any issue you might face in concentrating or focusing on a particular task. 
  3. Accountability Partner – Find someone that can motivate you to quit smoking, someone who is also going through this same phase. This gives you a sense of responsibility towards yourself and your accountability partner. Having a support system is extremely important to get through difficult times. 
  4. Try and keep trying until you succeed – You need to accept the fact that this is not going to be easy, try to understand why a fallback happened. Don’t give up on all the efforts once you do have a relapse. Never get discouraged, try and understand why you had made this decision and that will definitely motivate you to stick to your choices. https://niinpouches.com/product-category/tobacco-free-nicotine-pouches/