GuidoMaggiElevator Shoes

Specializing in luxury “elevator shoes” is an idea of Emanuele Briganti, the thirty-seven-year-old CEO of guidomaggi and heir, together with his dad Giuseppe, of the Apulian shoe industry. “I’ve always worked in the fashion world, and as a wearer, being 1.75m tall, I had a few issues on the catwalk – says Briganti -. In this way, I started searching for a solution that would enable me to recoup those couple of missing centimeters for the critical ‘1.80m share’. However, on the market, I only discovered proposals for aesthetically flawed, poorly finished, cheap shoes. In this way, I chose to do it without anyone else’s help. Also, to do them well”.

In this way, after so many attempts, GuidoMaggi has found the ideal solution for men’s shoes with an anatomical, invisible, and safe system of the internal rise to over 10 centimeters. From here, give birth to an assortment of “elevator shoes” trendy, all thoroughly handmade with valuable materials and tested by a group of orthopedists, it was a drop in the bucket for those who experienced childhood with “bread and fashion” as Briganti. Who simply put the pieces together to create the puzzle: he ably consolidated the prestige of a fashionable Made in Italy shoe with the answer to the male need to get a couple of centimeters more in a wholly circumspect and invisible manner?

Innovative tech for GuidoMaggi internal rise shoes, entirely manufactured in Lecce, Salento, and designed by the young CEO, Emanuele Briganti. Quality leathers and exquisite design are the keys to the success of men elevator shoes by GuidoMaggi, the Apuliancompany that recently celebrated 100 years of activity.

GuidoMaggi isn’t simply a company that produces elegant handmade shoes, but a genuine philosophy that has its foundations in the exceptionally old custom of Italian footwear craftsmen. The inventive product of the Italian brand GuidoMaggi was made to address the needs of numerous men who want to increase their stature without relinquishing the safety, comfort, high quality, and design that a well-made elevator shoe must guarantee, both for wellbeing, aesthetic, and physical.

Artisan Excellence and High-Quality Materials

The option of full-grain leather, the softest and finest leather available, the inclination for careful craftsmanship with thoroughly handcrafted “visible stitching”, and the carefully designed fashions, has made GuidoMaggi elevator shoes real protagonists in the realm of Made in Italy shoes. This implies each pair of GuidoMaggi shoes is made in Italy at the client’s request, with the best leathers, the finest leather, and the expert hands of the most skilled craftsmen of shoes.

Today, GuidoMaggi height-increasing shoes are shipped to more than 90 countries worldwide. They are available online, on the official website of the brand, for the Italian market, or in the showrooms of Lecce, Tokyo, and Milan.

GuidoMaggi is the pioneer in the high-end men’s shoe section in the United States, Russia, Latin America, Italy, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, a century of Made in Italy quality.