Here’s How You Can Get Your Living Room Summer Ready.

Summer has already settled in. Everything’s changing, from the temperature to your wardrobe collection. But how about your décor? It’s time to give your living room a unique revamp and have it summer ready.

Here are some amazing summer décor tips for you to adopt and embellish your living room to look fresh, welcoming and cool.


When it comes to interior décor ideas, colour is what makes all the difference. Get this right and everything else follows. We’ve all learned that dark colours absorb heat and the bright ones reflect it. That is absolutely true even when it comes to your décor.

Summer is the time to do away with your crimson, plum, indigo, etc. and bring in a collection of ivory, daffodil, arctic and so on. Such vibrant colours with a blend of patterns and flower prints will bring-in a swirl of cheerfulness and vivaciousness to your living room.

Add more patterns to your living room colour scheme as they play an essential part in increasing the vivacity of a space.

Experiment with combinations like a yellow with a seafoam green. Combination takes away monotony and add boldness to your space. Especially, if you have large windows, the incoming natural light reflects better with well-blended palette of colours making your room more inviting.


One way to make your living room spacious and breezy is rearranging your furniture. If you have got sectional seating, like your L-shaped sofas, move them around and you will end up creating an entirely new look for your living room.

Make room, not for more furniture, but just room. Space out your furniture. If you tired of your old furniture, introduce a new set to your room. Go for something that’s not chunky and more streamlined. You can pick a traditional set of chairs just like the ones you would find in a study, or a thin metallic chair which will give your living room a more contemporary look. Depending on your décor theme, either will help create large spaces in your living room.

One other hack you can try is painting your old furniture with bright colours to give them a fresh new look.


The cushion or curtain fabric you should use have to be light and bright as they add a fresh feel to a space. Especially when it comes to curtain fabrics, they have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the living room. Make sure their fabrics are thin and bright as it makes your room feel airy and pleasant. Use light cool pastel colours to create a modern interior that feels cooler.


Interior décor ideas are incomplete with accessories and decorations. They are like jewellery for your home.

Put potted plants at the top of this part of décor tips. There nothing that can replace the fresh and lively feeling of leaves and flowers. The natural fragrance is truly uplifting. Have these plants near your window or somewhere close to natural light, this will help reflect their bright colours better. You could even have a couple of them close to your couch or at your coffee table. Even a simple blossom that’s floating around in a bowl can add immense elegance to a décor. For those who are allergic to pollen, can make do with artificial flowers.

Wall frames and vases have been around for a long time but they actually help. Use those that have bold colours like orange, golden yellow, vibrant green, etc. They will definitely stand out and spruce up your summer décor.

Follow these interior décor ideas and turn your living room into a summer haven.