Low Budget Wedding

Due to many reasons, maybe financial problems or not willing to spend much amount on wedding, one may decide to have a low budget wedding. However, one can still enjoy and have the same fun while lowering down their budget. Following are the tips where you can cut off your expenses in your wedding after which you will still enjoy your day:

1. Invitation:

Do not invite the unnecessary people and the relatives you have never met with. One shall only invite the concerned people which actually they know, meet, and the ones whose presence means a lot to you! You will feel togetherness and enjoy much more.

There is no point inviting and gathering a huge crowd of people to your wedding. Hence, it will cut off much cost and will also clear the unwanted crowd from your function.

2. Clothing:

Wearing expensive clothing at your wedding is never a necessity if you believe in not showing off and being simple. But even if it is your dream to dress up like a princess on the day of your wedding, then what you can do is instead of purchasing the costly dresses that you will hardly wear after your wedding, you can go for dress hire in Adelaide. There is the best variety of clothing available for rent which will cost much less than buying the wedding dresses.

3. Venue:

Now since you have very less number of people attending your wedding as compared to normal weddings, then the venue that you select must also not be very big. You can select a normal and a smaller party hall for your wedding where everyone you are going to invite can enjoy in a comfortable manner. This will contribute much to cut off the budget of your wedding as the rent of these big venues is very costly. You will enjoy and have fun the same as you would at the bigger venue, probably more than that!

4. Food:

Many people believe that serving a number of dishes at a wedding makes no sense, rather it results in wastage of food. Moreover, serving a less number of dishes but serving the best ones would be appreciated by a lot of sensible people. It will also step down the cost of your wedding and will fit into your budget. If you are left with some money, then you can use that amount for donating food to the poor ones which will bring a smile on their face and they will also give you blessings which will ensure that you both have a happy life together ahead!

5. Jewelry:

It is said that buying jewelry having precious metals should be avoided as the same metal can be used for development and can increase the economy of the country. Moreover, wearing jewelry is never a necessity, it is just to feel pride and mostly to show off. Thus, one shall not spend a large amount of money on jewelry as other people do!