Here’s Why Statement Earrings Are Trending This Season

Jewelry has been an essential part of the human society. These accessories are known to enhance the beauty of the wearer as well as used as symbols of prosperity. Post the tattoo era, in many cultures, the jewelry has been associated with complex symbolism and spiritualism. Piercings have been a way for many people to express themselves for many years and their popularity is rising. Companies like Piercing Factory have been seeing an increase in demand as it has become more acceptable to get more adventurous piercings. Many women adorn things like these white gold earrings, bangles, and other accessories to highlight their beauty. The women, as well as men, have been wearing ornaments to create a statement within the crowd. The current favorite within the fashion conscious citizen are the statements earrings. These large, chunky pieces of jewelry are making huge noises and attracting the attention of the passersby.

What are statements earrings?

Statement earrings are a big piece of jewelry for ears. One can team them up as a single piece, or wear them together with a different pair of earrings. Such earnings are available in different varieties like metal, feather, or fabric tassel. These earrings can be found in various colors and sizes making them more attractive looking. One can give their dress a funky and fresh look with these earrings. The accessories suitable for all face shapes, and people who are not into fashion can also carry it with élan.

Many top jewelry brands likeAna Khouri and Michael Kors are launching their ranges on the statement earnings. The beautiful accessories look good on celebrities as well as a regular girl alike.

In the recent Paris Fashion Week 2018, the models in the catwalk for Saint Laurent wore statements earnings resembling fish bone. Several other designers like Prabal Gurung accessorized his models in pretty pearl ear cuffs, or models for Tom Ford fashion line wore chandelier designs ball-chain earrings.

Some of the exciting designs associated with statement earrings:

  1. Fringe & Tassel Earrings: These beautiful earrings are a free-flowing and fun accessory. These can be worn with a funky top and can be teamed up with shorts to complete the look. These earnings can be found at a reasonable rate in a store nearby.
  2. Graphic Earrings: These earrings have characteristics of their own.These graphics earrings are deviations from the oversized earrings to mismatching earrings. In this variation of accessories, the right pair of the jewelry is slightly different from the left pair. Such earning are sure to give the wearer a second look from the crowd. One can easily carry off these pieces of jewelry with an oversized balloon top.
  3. Duster Earrings: These types of earrings are sure to provide drama to the look of the wearer. These pair of jewelry gives the wearer an intense and dynamic look. These earrings glow hanging, grazing the neck type of accessory is sure to make the wearer stand out in the crowd. These hoops are going to make people look more elegant and classy.
  4. Architectural Earrings: These earrings are mostly found in the metallic designs and are sure to accentuate the beauty. Many studs have intricate detailing and pearl or floral patterns to create a more defined look. These accessories maintain the right balance between style and funk. Thus, one can wear these earrings with casual day wear as well as a high fashion gown.

Tips for wearing statement earrings:

If a person is feeling like wearing a statement earring to an occasion, then following some pointers would help in killing the look. As statement pieces are quite flashy, it is essential to balance the look so that the wearer does not look out of place. Let’s look at the pointers:

Using minimal jewelry:

As the statement earrings are meant to attract the attention of the crowd, it is best to keep the other accessories to the minimum. Wearing small rings is fine, but one should avoid large or chunky neck pieces.

Mix and match:

Mixing and matching the loops can create a dramatic effect on the overall look of the wearer. While wearing a simple funk top, try using an earring which contrasts the color of the dress. However, wearing a matching ear accessory can also highlight the beauty of the dress.

Ideal for the day:

Some wonder that statement earrings only go with the look for ‘night-out.’ However, one can team up these stunning accessories with their day wear to create a new and fresh look. Wearing them with a sleek blazer or a casual T-shirt for your day wear is going to turn the heads.

Experimenting with hair:

For best looks, one can tie up their hair to a high bun or a ponytail. It makes the earrings more visible, and the attention of the crowd does not deviate. However, celebrities like Beyoncé sport their ear accessories with loose barrels of tresses. It makes the singer look stunning and glamorous.

Wearing simple outfits:

While wearing statement earrings, the wearer should be conscious about the dress they are going to wear. A simple dress with little or no pattern is ideal for teaming up with the accessory. The classic black dresses are best suited for the statement earrings. One can look beautiful as well as classic in them and steal the show quickly.

Statement earrings have been known to glamorize the wearer and give them a distinctive look. Many prominent fashion houses are using different variants of fashion and funky jewelry for their runway clothing line. These bold and sensuous accessories are sure to turn the heads.