How Can You Allow Your Wine to Breathe Freely

You are going to come across the concept of allowing your wine to breathe every now and then. This means maximizing the exposure of your wine to the air that is surrounding you. When you allow your wine to mingle and mix with air, your wine is not only going to warm up but the aromas will also start opening up, the flavor will soften and it is going to start mellowing out a little bit. In short, the complete characteristics of your wine should definitely improve.

Wines that should breathe

Typically, the red wines are responsible for benefiting the most when they are allowed to breathe before they are served to the guests. However, certain white wines are known to improve with the exposure of air. According to, wines can start improving when they get almost 20 minutes of breathing time. However, if your wine has a high level of tannin and it is young, you should ensure that you are aerating it for a little more than 20 minutes.

How can you allow your wine to breathe?

Most people are of the belief that when they uncork their wine bottle and allow them to set aside for a little time, they are helping their wine to breathe. However, this method is not appropriate because it does not get enough room for the air to circulate and contact the wine. Given below is a list of the two options that you can follow for helping your wine to breathe.

Use a decanter: Making use of a decanter like the one you can find on sites like, a large pitcher, or a huge container, which has the widest possible opening, for helping your wine to breathe freely is a really good idea. The wine is going to get a greater surface area, which will allow more amount of air to contact your wine. Ensure that you are making use of this breathing technique, for helping your favorite wine to breathe.

Use a wine glass: You can also make use of your wine glass and permit it to breathe in a free manner. This is definitely one of the best methods of maintaining your wine and is known to work really well. This method ensures that you do not have to work hard looking for the appropriate vessel, which has a larger surface area. However, you should ensure that your glass has at least 10 inches of fall so that the Sokolin Fine Wines can actually breathe.

Rules of thumbs associated with aeration

You should be well aware of the rules of thumb that are associated with helping your bottle of wine to breathe. One such rule is that if your wine contains a good amount of tannin, you should ensure that it takes time to breathe. The wines, which have low tannin levels, require less time for breathing.


It is definitely one of the best things to watch your wine evolve and taste heavenly. Ensure that you are taking care of the aeration tips that have been mentioned above so that your wine can breathe and taste even better.