6 Great Education Tattoos

From inspiring to educating people about endangered species, tattoos have in one way or the other showed us how relevant they are. The artwork and creativity behind tattoos can even boost one’s creative mindset.

According to writing papers, people can draw inspiration from a tattoo. And that is one of the reasons people have it on their body. It could also be to mark an important date, educate people about something or find the motivation to pursue a dream.

However, if your reason for drawing a tattoo has anything to do with education, then you can choose any of the tattoos below.

1. The Book Tattoo

The book tattoos do not only look good on the skin. It’s one of the most remarkable education tattoos for teachers and students. Having such a tattoo on your skin as a student can serve as a reminder to take your reading seriously.

The book tattoo can be a big inspiration for students. Mere looking at it can rekindle the fire you once had for reading or remind you of your commitment as a student. You can draw the book tattoo on your right arm so you can see it when writing paper or looking at your watch. Ensure the tattoo is drawn where your eyes can spot it with ease.

2. The teacher from the Black Lagoon tattoo

The monster from this tattoo alone is frightening. But then, it’s for a good reason. It’s a monster that is ready to make students sit down and focus on their book.

So, if you need a tattoo that can inspire you to focus on your studies more, then having this tattoo will be a wise thing.

3. Math Tattoo – The Quadratic Formula

Having a quadratic formula tattoo on your skin won’t make you a math genius. But it will surely enhance your love for the subject. Math is one of the subjects many students dread the most. So having a quadratic formula tattoo can increase your passion and confidence for maths.

Besides the quadratic formula, you can draw any math formula you want as a tattoo. The idea of having this tattoo on your skin is to help rekindle your love for the subject and also to inspire you to work harder.

4. Pencil Tattoo

The pencil tattoo is another great education tattoo. It also looks good on the skin irrespective of where you have it drawn. Having this pencil tattoo on your skin indicates your passion for drawing, which is something remarkable.

5. Moth tattoo – Endangered species

It’s no news that climate change and a host of other human activities are threatening the existence of some species around the world. And the best way to save these endangered or rare animals is to educate people about their presence, and things we do that endanger their lives.

So, having a tattoo of an endangered animal on your skin will help to educate more people about the animals in questions and the threat they face.

However, the moth is one of the hundreds of endangered species in the UK and most parts of the world. But then, you can draw any other endangered animal you want. Like writing paper, these tattoos will stick to the minds of people that come across them. So, it’s an excellent way to educate people.

6. Alphabet tattoo

This type of tattoo is not very common. But it’s a great tattoo to have anyway. It consists of letters (upper and lowercase letters) drawn on the arm or any part of the body, side by side.

If you have young children you wish to teach the alphabets and also how to write them, this tattoo will be the best writing paper tattoo to have.


These are among the most elegant writing paper or education tattoos out there. They look captivating and can quickly draw attention. But according to MyPaperDone, being able to draw attention is not the main reason these education tattoos are considered significant. The message they pass and the reason for having them is the most important thing. Furthermore, if you are thinking of an education tattoo to draw on your skin, you can consider any of the options in this post.