Embroidery Patch Tattoos are a Thing!

Tiny tattoos have been a go-to option if you want something small and delicate, but at times this is not enough. We want ink that is unique and immediately causes some impact once someone looks at it. The ink world has just gone a step further and answered your problem, well if you were looking for that wow factor. And this is the idea of embroidery tattoos.

We have to agree, this concept is a little mind-blowing at first, think of a three-dimensional image that has been stitched onto your skin. Don’t get hand-stitched, its just art taken to a whole new level. The designs are created using a hyper technique that delicately inks each stitch onto your skin, thus creating this thread effect. It’s like a personalised denim jacket designed to your skin, yes mind blown.

  • So what exactly are embroidery tattoos?

These tattoos look like they have been stitched on your skin. Some call it patch tattoos because of the ink finish. When it is well-done someone would think you cut out a denim jacket print and stitched it on your skin.

  • The process behind this beautiful work

What makes embroidery stand out is the different colours a piece can have. Thus the more colours you have on your design, the longer the tattoo will take. It takes longer with more colours because as you change the colour, you have to keep washing the needles to ensure a crisp, clean design with every new colour you add.

  • The design options are endless.

The fact that these designs can be tailored to your needs, you have plenty of designs to play around with. As you look for inspiration designs, you will come across various embroidery tattoos; from floral, a birdie design looking that it has been needles thread to your skin, patch design. Or if you want something simple without a knitted effect but still unique, maybe a cross-stitch of a rose could also work.

  • How embroidery tattoo begun

We can say Tim Beck was among the first tattoo artists into embroidery just before this trend took off. The first piece he did was a patchwork of Air Force; the client was looking for a tattoo patch that would like his grandpas. And little did this artist know a few years later, it will be the hot trend within the tattoo industry.

Final thoughts

How about an embroidery tattoo? Looking for something out of this world and still traditional in its unique way, consider this avenue. You have a wide variety of designs to choose from; cross-stitch, an exciting patchwork across your arm, detailed knitted effect to make the tattoo pop—the list is endless. And the good thing, almost any design you think of could get a fancy cross stitch design to it. If your not up to the idea of spending hours on the tattoo table, choose something with less colour.