Why German Christmas Ornaments Are So Charming

Whenever you ask people about their favorite time of the year, there’s a high chance that Christmas will top the list of collective answers.

It is not a surprise, to be honest. With the holiday’s general spirit of kindness, its focus on cherishing loved ones, and its mix of festivities and food, nearly everyone looks forward to Christmas.

If you are one to wait for Christmas all year round yourself, you would be no stranger to using German Christmas ornaments around the holiday. Thanks to their worldwide popularity, these German decorations stand out among a sea of Christmas-themed items.

But this brings a lot of questions to the curious mind: Why are these decorations so sought after? What makes them appeal to adults and kids alike? Most importantly, what makes them such a charming addition to Christmas all around the world?

While it might be no Christmas miracle, the answers are not hard to find if you look into the history and design techniques of these ornaments.

German Christmas Ornaments Are Some of the First Decorations Used for the Holiday

The origin of German Christmas decorations is one of the many reasons that add to their distinct charm. Since the Christmas tree tradition stems from Germany, many of the decorations that we see today are modern versions of authentic ornaments used on and around the first Christmas trees.

The first use of Christmas trees is traced back to the 16th century. Whereas, records of the first Christmas glass orbs or baubles can also be found around the same time. The tinsel invention also took place around the same years, where it was originally used in nativity scenes.

Other Christmas decorations from Germany, such as Christmas angels (weihnachtsengel) and nutcrackers, are also quite popular around the world. This illustrious history makes German Christmas ornaments a staple for the holiday. This is especially true if you want to go with a themed or authentic feel with your decorations.

They Are Available in Distinctly Festive Designs and Colors

Speaking of Christmas angels, Germany’s wooden figures come with a distinct aesthetic that spells out the holiday spirit in bold letters. This can also be said about nutcrackers, which are meticulously crafted to show off their unique features.

Along with these wooden sculptures, even Christmas ornaments such as glass orbs or baubles are created with festive colors and aesthetics in mind. A single look at them is enough to transport you to thoughts of eggnog and Christmas wreaths, as well as a lot of presents.

Other decorations such as multicolored tinsel and more elaborate structures such as Christmas pyramids also hold the same qualities. Whether you are trying to put together an elaborate Christmas dinner or a themed family celebration, choosing these items doesn’t disappoint. Due to these reasons, German Christmas ornaments are the number one choice for those who love the holiday spirit.

They Are Mostly Handcrafted to Preserve Their Authenticity

Authentic Christmas decoration items such as wooden Christmas angels, nutcrackers, and Christmas pyramids all encompass woodworking and handcrafting techniques. This adds a unique charm to these decorations that cannot be found elsewhere.

The woodworking techniques are also referred to as the Ore Mountain folk art (Erzgebirgische Volkskunst), which are used in making these Christmas decorations among other items. Glass orb crafting is also a highly sought after skill for those involved in making Christmas decorations. Since these techniques are authentically practiced by German artists, this adds to the popularity of German ornaments used around Christmas.

These painstaking yet wonderful crafting measures add to the beauty and magic of these creations. As a result, they make sure that when you bring these items home, your German Christmas ornaments add to the festivities like no other decorations can.

Besides the history, design, and craft, the sheer festivity of these decorations makes them a must have for everyone who loves Christmas. If you or a loved one appreciates the holiday cheer, bringing these decor items to your home can help you take your celebrations to the next level.