Top 2022 Tattoo Art Courses Online for Students

Tattooing is far from a temporary fad as emos were back in the early 2000s. Tattoos and tattooing are a whole subculture that draws attention to it both due to bravery, the statement a tattoo can make, and because of the taboo that, unfortunately, still veils the culture of tattooing. Tattooing is also a perfect sidekick for a college student, be you an assistant or a real tattoo-master. 

Tattooing as a Part-Time Job

Tattooing is perfectly suited for those who study arts, aesthetics, or even study in one of the top 8 fashion programs in the USA. It is a way to express yourself, learn how to have a steady hand, and work with people. Of course, when tattooing, there is not much freedom of expression since people know what they want, but learning about different techniques and approaches to making a breath-taking tattoo is what matters for you. 

Volunteering in a Tattoo Place 

The most obvious place to start your tattooing career is your local tattooists. Go ahead and ask whether you can volunteer in their place. At first, look at it as an internship: you won’t get paid much, if at all, but you will be able to gain valuable experience and insights that will serve you in the industry for years to come. 

Best 2022 Tattoo Art Courses Online for Students 

Before you even start thinking about internships and volunteering, understand that you need to show at least a degree of knowledge on the topic. Since the tattoo culture is a vast and complex phenomenon, it may be the best to check out one of the top 2022 Tattoo Art Courses for students: 

How to Tattoo – Rafael Quiles

How to Tattoo by Rafael Quiles is a great Tattooing course for beginners. In the course, you will learn about the tools you need, where to find the supplies, and think of tattooing as a business. He explains how the tattoo industry is a vast industry with much potential, as people are more and more interested in decorating their bodies. 

Tattoo for Beginners – Sally Nassar 

The next best is Tattoo for Beginners. Sally Nassar takes you through the history of tattooing and expands on the tools, materials, and techniques used in the tattooing practice. You will also learn: 

  • How to take care of the machines, 
  • How to take care of the workstation, 
  • The different types of needles, 
  • The different types of inks, 
  • Work-related safety standards and protocols, and much more. 

Beginning Tattoo for Artists – Juliana Loomer 

Juliana Loomer takes a different approach and takes you through her course, discussing the principles and responsibilities of becoming a professional tattoo artist. She also talks about an important but rarely spoken aspect of being a tattoo artist: continuing education. The twist in her approach to the topic is very welcome, as the guys dealt with a more hands-on approach. 

Juliana Loomer takes a meta-approach to the topic and makes witty comments about the job’s responsibilities, not only the fun or the technical aspect of it. This is a perfect approach to have if you want to do a paper on tattooing. Using her as an inspiration, you can make a good outline and send it to a college essay service to write a paper on the topic about tattooing you choose. This way, you can focus on the outline and the very fundamentals of tattooing practice. 

Final Considerations 

Tattooing seems to be here to stay. If you want to join this movement, make sure you understand at least the basics before looking for opportunities in the field. As with any other skill, tattooing is best learned by doing it, but to avoid the ‘trial and error’ scenario, make sure you understand the basics and the theory behind this practice. 

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