How Is It A Revolution In Private Air Travel?

Private air travel is not the cheapest thing we know. Even the process of chartering a plane for your trip can be somewhat daunting. Still, people need to fly privately, especially during this Coronavirus pandemic, when people want to lower the risk of getting infected with the deadly virus. What a better way to get around the world if not to initiate the trip right from your phone?

We are talking about Jet Token. The company has repeatedly referred to as Uber air travel due to the convenience it has brought to the industry. With this highly praised company, a trip starts with a click of a button on your phone. Besides, you are not limited to book your plane days before the trip. Jet is designed for our uncertain world where things can change at any moment, and therefore, their mobile app allows you to book a plane within a few minutes of departure.

First off, their mobile application is a convenient way to book flights within short notice. It provides the user with the ability to compare prices offered by various merchants for the different kinds of planes available. In return, users can save money while traveling conveniently by selecting the best vendors available.

The company has its fleet of planes but also has access to planes operated by Gama Aviation. Therefore, there are zero chances that a user will be turned away due to the aircraft’s unavailability. Again, the plane selection is up to the traveler, and you can choose to use a light plane if you are running an errand nearby or choose a heavier one for longer distances.

Like a real revolution, they have made payments for air trips convenient. The company accepts all popular payment methods and adds bitcoin transactions on top of it all. Therefore, users have no reason to worry if they do not have ready cash or have low balances on other platforms. And unlike other platforms where blocks of unused travel hours would have to wait for your next trip, Jet Token’s mobile app allows users to sell balance hours. Many had yearned for this level of flexibility, and it has luckily come with the George Murnane led company.

The Brains behind Jet Token

Two brilliant minds founded the company; Mike Winston, company chairman, and George Murnane, who stands in as the CEO. Murnane has a wealth of experience in the leadership sphere, given that he was previously the CEO of another successful aviation company, not to mention the various other companies he has led. On the other hand, Mike is a successful entrepreneur, founder, board member, and co-founder in different companies. He is better known for his role as the managing principal and founder of Sutton View, a successful investment management company based in New York.

How it works

Flying with this company is a three-step process

  1. Fill in trip details in the app interface: A user enters trip information to find available planes and their charges.
  2. Aircraft selection: Navigate and filter the search results to get a suitable plane depending on your preferences.
  3. Confirmation: Submit your aircraft selection and trip details to book the trip.


If you were looking for a convenient way to get around the world on business or personal trips, then you know where to look. Jet Token stands out from the competition in that planes are available on short notice, and you can choose an aircraft based on your preferences. Additionally, bitcoin payments make it convenient for everyone while selling part of your travel hour blocks to other users can reimburse what you need to spare. The company is a real revolution in private air travel.